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How to String a Fishing Pole: Step-By-Step InstructionsLay your fishing pole down on a flat surface and open the bail (wire arm on the reel that lifts up and down). …Tie the line onto the center of the reel spool or arbor using an arbor knot, and then close the bail on the reel.Pick up the pole and place the spool of line on the floor so that it comes off in a counter-clockwise direction. …Open the bail on your reel and feed the tag end up through the remaining guides. …

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  • How do you put line on a fishing pole?

  • Connecting the line with the fishing pole is a straightforward task. First, you should mount the reel on the reel seat at the butt of the fishing pole. This is done by slipping the reel foot into the reel seat. Now, grab one end of your chosen fishing line and pass it through the last guide at the tip of the rod.

  • What type of fishing pole should I get?

  • For a strong, light pole, try a graphite rod. Make sure you get good quality graphite. A high-modulus graphite pole will be stiff and thus cast most accurately. The length of a good fishing pole for freshwater and light saltwater fishing should range from 5.5 to 6.5 feet.

  • How do you put string on a fishing reel?

  • Hold the end of the fishing line between your thumb and index finger in one hand and thread the line through the tip of the fishing rod. Place the line through each of the rod guides until the end of the line is at the Penn reel. Flip open the bale, if you are stringing a spinning reel.

  • How do you replace fishing line?

  • Wrap the line by hand around the reel spool about five or six times. This will give the line traction when you turn the handle, letting it begin to gather around the spool. Close your bail arm. Place the new spool of line on the floor in front of you.