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  • What to feed Night Crawlers?

  • Diet for Captive Worms. Langston University School of Agriculture recommends feeding large worms such as night crawlers with a mixture of poultry or hog mash mixed with shortening or lard, with cornmeal a suggested substitute for the livestock foods. Combine 1 pound of cornmeal with 1/2 pound of lard, mixed into the first 3 inches of worm bedding.

  • What do I feed Nightcrawlers?

  • Feed your nightcrawlers by sprinkling food over the top of the dirt. Canadian nightcrawlers eat greens such as leaf and grass clippings, as well as other organic material, including fruit and vegetable peelings or coffee and tea grounds.

  • How to keep Night Crawlers alive?

  • How to Keep Night Crawlers Alive? The Most Common Way of Doing It. The whole process is easy to do if you have extra space in your refrigerator or a…Storing Worms inside the Refrigerator. The technique is ideal for smaller amounts of worms that will become ready…Keeping Worms inside a Worm Box. Prepare a big plastic bin. Select a bin that is big enough to…More …

  • How to find Nightcrawlers fast?

  • In a good spot you can catch nightcrawlers in a short amount of time. Find an area of ground that is damp and soft. Choose a shady spot with a ground covering of fallen leaves. Look for dirt mounds that resemble ant hills, indicating where worms have burrowed up through the soil.