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Keep your Kayak Under Shelter (something with an awning is ideal)Cover the Cockpit when storing your kayakCover it with a tarp to protect it from the elements (with the tarp not touching the kayak)Find a Place to lock up your kayak

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  • What is the proper way to store a kayak?

  • The best way to store your kayak is by hanging. Find some pipes, beams, or other solid structure that you can tie to. There are some hanging kayak storage devices on the market and they are very good and convenient; but if you want to save a buck and do some recycling use your old roof rack straps.

  • Where can I store a kayak?

  • Kayaks take up a lot of room and should not be in contact with other objects when being stored. It is best to store it indoors so that it is protected. You could store it in a garage, basement, shed, or any other indoor storage area. Only store it outside as a last resort.

  • What is the best way to hang a kayak?

  • The best way to hang your kayak or canoe is to use a strap or sling under the hull. This can then be attached to a hanger on the roof. You may want to set up a pulley system if your ceiling or rafters are high off the ground. Harmony Watersports makes a great sling system that hangs from 1-3 kayaks.

  • How do I haul a kayak?

  • Reach across the boat with your right arm and grab the inside of the boat by the underside of the cockpit. As you stand up, lift the kayak up onto your right shoulder. Let the rim of the cockpit rest on your shoulder. Find a balanced positioned so that the boat neither tips forward nor back.