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how to splice fishing line插图

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Method 1.1. Place the 2 lines side by side, overlapping by about 6 in (15 cm). Put the 2 lines running parallel to each other, with the line to the reel and …2. Form a loop with both of the lines. Grab both of the lines at the right-hand side. Curl them into a loop, crossing back over the top of the lines …3. Pull both ends of the lines through the loop. Slide the ends of the loop under the parallel lines and pull them up through the loop to start tying …4. Wrap the ends around the lines and pull them through the loop again. Cross the ends of the loop back over and under the 2 lines. Pull the ends up …More items

People also ask

  • How do you join two fishing lines together?

  • The best way to join two similar fishing line together is to use blood knot. The knot charges it structure by itself under the load. When making the blood knot, it is necessary to make from five up to seven twists of each line.

  • What is the easiest fishing knot to tie?

  • The Palomar knot is probably the easiest fishing knot. The palomar knot is one of the best fishing knots for lures, hooks or swivels.

  • How do you tie a fish knot?

  • To tie the Improved Clinch knot, a.k.a the Fisherman’s knot, follow these steps: Run the tag end of the line through the eye of the hook and pull 8–10 inches of line through the hook eye. Wrap the tag end around the standing end for five wraps or turns. Now pass the tag end through the loop next to the hook eye. Pass the tag end through that loop.