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how to setup a fishing pole for crappie插图

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Attach the reel to a flexible rod, about 6 feet in length. Tie a No. 6 long-shanked hook onto the end of your fishing line using an improved clinch knot. The long-shanked hook this size is small enough for the mouth of a crappie to handle and has a shaft long enough for you to grasp securely when removing the hook.

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  • What are the best crappie fishing spots?

  • LIST: Top crappie fishing spots in TexasColeto Creek Reservoir. The reservoir often supports a robust crappie population providing fast and furious action. …White Rock Lake. Catch rates of crappie in population surveys are some of the highest of any Texas reservoir. …Lake Lavon. The lake, which is noted for crappie fishing, boasts high harvest rates of quality fish. …

  • What is the best depth for crappie fishing?

  • When crappie fish are in deep water, an ultralight spinning or spincast combo, spooled with a 4-10 pound line, is often the best choice. Using a pole is most appropriate in shallow water. Be sure to fish at the ideal depth. Crappie fish can often be found between three and six feet of water.

  • What is the best jigging pole?

  • Telescopic poles are possibly the best choice for pure jigging use. In some models, the reels are actually built into the rod handle. Many of the long crappie poles come in multiple pieces that must be assembled before use. Long crappie poles offer many benefits to fishermen.

  • What are fishing poles made of?

  • Commonly it is said that fishing poles are made up of natural materials such as a cane, bamboo. Also, it can be made from reed. Whereas fishing rod is made up of natural material such as graphite, fiberglass and so on. But in today’s world, the definition of the fishing pole has changed.