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how to set up ice fishing pole插图

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Simply ram the trident looking end into the ice so it is facing straight up, with the U-shaped end, which looks like a wrench, facing upwards. This way you can place the ice fishing rod into the U-shaped holder end, and therefore you don’t have to hold it. Some people prefer to use wooden tip ups for ice fishing, which is fine.

People also ask

  • What are the best ice fishing rods?

  • Ultra-light ice fishing rods are great options for anglers looking to hook panfish, while light rods are best suited for perch. Medium rods have enough power to handle walleye, whitefish, and most trout species, while heavy rods are best suited for lake trout or pike.

  • What is a fishing pole?

  • A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a long, flexible length of glass fibre composite, carbon fibre composite or, classically, bamboo, used to catch fish. In contrast with subsistence and commercial fishing, which usually involve nets, fishing rods are typically used in the sports of angling and competitive casting.

  • What is an ice fishing rod?

  • The rod composition of a good, quality ice fishing rod is usually a solid piece of graphite, high quality fiberglass or a combination of both. Graphite is stronger but fiberglass is more sensitive. Also the composition of the handle is important as well.