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People also ask

  • Why choose Jarvis Walker angler combos?

  • The Jarvis Walker Angler Combos are built tough for rugged Australian fishing conditions. All rods in the range feature inserted solid tips that deliver robust and reliable fishing tools that will continue to catch fish long into the future.

  • What’s the value of vintage Jarvis Walker rods?

  • To one person a rod might be worth 50 bucks, to another 30 bucks or to another 120 bucks, everyone has different criteria for things they like and/or collect. all you can do is list it at the price you value it at, and leave some leeway for negotiation. Re: What’s the value of vintage Jarvis Walker rods?

  • What is the Jarvis Walker angler spin reel made of?

  • The Jarvis Walker Angler spin reels feature three ball bearings, infinite anti-reverse, aluminium spools and a stainless steel main shaft. It is already spooled with line.

  • How do I search for a fishing rod?

  • Browse the fishing rod range by Brand, Baitcast Rods, Fly Rods, Overhead Rods, Spinning Rods, Price Range or Rod Material and then refine your search further with additional options such as product code and model specifications. Your fishing rod search results will be shown below updating at each step you take.