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People also ask

  • What’s the best way to get kokanee to strike?

  • Dodgers get the Kokanee’s attention and call the fish in from a far. Once the Kokanee comes in, it’s your lure that encourages the strike. Using larger dodgers in lakes with high predation can repel Kokanee, as mentioned above larger dodgers can mimic a predator fish.

  • What do you need to know about kokanee fishing?

  • Kokanee are schooling fish that follow their zooplankton food source around the lake and along the water column. If you want to consistently catch kokanee, you will need to have some knowledge of the seasonal lake patterns and the underwater contours. Some lakes and reservoirs get “blown” out in the spring by snow and rain.

  • Do you have to have downriggers to catch kokanee?

  • So many people miss out on the thrill of catching kokanee because they hear that you need to troll with downriggers. Downriggers certainly make the job easier but they are not required for success. If you want to consistently fill your stringer with kokanee, then I suggest you read on.

  • What kind of gear do you need for Kokanee?

  • The most valuable piece of gear you can get for kokanee fishing is a good fish finder. Definitely pick one that has GPS and base maps that show lake topography. Trolling speed is critical with kokanee and GPS-enabled fish finders are ideal for tracking your speed.