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how to rig for saltwater pier fishing插图

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How do you rig for saltwater shore fishing?Attach a 3-way swivel to the main line using a clinch knot.To the bottom-facing swivel ring, tie a stretch of monofilament (1 to 3 feet)To the end of this line, tie a pyramid sinker.Tie your leader line and hook to the remaining swivel ring.

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  • What are tips for fishing in salt water piers?

  • Just a few other random tips to help you catch more fish from the pier: Keep a variety of bait on hand, and test it all in a rotation. Don’t be afraid to bring a selection of artifical lures as well … Travel light, especially if you’ll only be fishing for a few hours or less. … During peak season, there WILL be tangles, because it is so crowded. Be prepared to deal with it in a diplomatic way.

  • What is the best fishing pier in Florida?

  • Favorite Fishing Piers in Florida. The Skyway Fishing Pier State Park: Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay on a structure that was once a bridge, the twin Skyway Fishing Piers are probably the most productive land-based fishing spots in the state.

  • What is a fishing pier?

  • Pier Fishing Basics. Pier fishing is the fishing technique of fishing off a pier. A pier is best describe as a raised structure over water that is supported by spread piles or pillars. Depending on the type of pier, water might be able to flow right through it or it may act as a breakwater.