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  • What is the best rig for trout?

  • Nightcrawlers are pretty much the ultimate bait rig for trout. They’re heavy enough for spin casting, irresistible to the fish, and effective on almost any water. To make it even better you can rig the nightcrawler to a gang hook.

  • What is bass fishing rig?

  • A Wacky Rig is an extremely simple but effective Bass fishing rig. It consists of a worm, often a Senko, and a hook that impales the worm through its middle. It is best in clear water and when presented during spawn and pre-spawn, though it can be productive to varying degrees most of the year.

  • What is a bass rig?

  • Bass Rig. Bass Rig – A high quality speaker system for my bass-guitar and double-bass This speaker system is designed to be flexible in use, light-weight and have high sound quality as it is to amplify the acoustic upright bass.