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  • What is the best rig for channel catfish?

  • The best rig for catching huge catfish is a slip sinker rig. This consists of a 2 to 4 oz. egg sinker that is slipped onto a main fishing line of 15 to 30 lb. test line.

  • What size fishing line should use for catfish?

  • If you fish places like the Red River, or places wherever there can be numerous fish that run 15 to 30 pounds, I recommend using 30-pound line . Of course, as the fish get bigger, so should your line. For example, if you are fishing for giant blue or flathead catfish, you will want a 50- to 80-pound line to be safe.

  • What is the best fishing line for catfish?

  • Braided line is best for such soft-touching fish. The third kind of line – sometimes used as the main fishing line – is called Fluorocarbon, and is the best material to use for Catfish leaders. NOTE: Fluorocarbon line and leader material are two separate things.

  • How do I rig a fishing line?

  • Pinch one or two small split shot sinkers to your main line about 6-12 inches from the hook to add a bit of weight to your line (this will keep your bait suspended vertically). If there is current, you can add one or two more split shots. Finally, clip a circle bobber to the rig at least 3-4 feet above the hook.