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  • How do you grow worms for fishing?

  • Add the worms by gently pulling the wad of worms and any other material from the package and burying it in the bedding. Moisten the bedding, let time pass and occasionally add more food scraps. Within a few weeks the worms will begin laying enough eggs in the bedding to replace the worms you pull out to use for your live fishing bait.

  • What to feed earthworms for fishing?

  • Keep the bedding wet but not soaked. The moisture helps them to breathe, but too much water will drown the worms,just practice with the dampness until you get it right. You can feed your worms fruit and vegetable scraps and starchy scraps, like bread, oatmeal, and pasta.

  • How do you raise red worms?

  • Moisten your bedding with water. Squeeze a handful of bedding. If you get more than one to two drops of water, it is too wet, and your bedding will turn into a smelly mess and kill your worms. If it is too wet, churn it with a hand shovel and let it dry out.