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how to put fishing line on a open face reel插图

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Identify the line capacity of the reel. Always check the line capacity of the reel mentioned on the top. …Lay your rod flat and open the cover off the reel. Unscrew the lid of the spincast reel and take it off. …Take the old line off the reel if any. …Tie the new line to the spool. Run the line coming from the end of the rod through the hole or eyelets in the cover. …Cover the reel back. Hold the line tight while putting the cover back on. …Reel the new line onto the reel. Lay the spool on the ground. …Fill spool to 1/8 inch of the lid. In addition, do not put an excessive line on the reel. …Run the line and tie a lure using line guides. Using a proper line guide, you can tie on your choice of lure. …Eliminate tangles and twists from the line. Ensure that there is no twists and tangles on the line as you reel it in slowly. …

People also ask

  • What is the best brand of fishing line?

  • Our number one choice for best braided fishing line is KastKing SuperPower. KastKing braid is the most versatile over all the brands. The other brands listed are some of the best out there however we believe KastKing SuperPower to be the best all rounder for the money.

  • What is the best freshwater fishing line?

  • The Suffix 832 Advanced Superline is definitely the best fishing line for fishermen who want a good fishing experience. It has all the characteristics like diameter, strength, durability, abrasion resistance and sensitivity, one looks for in a fishing line.

  • What is the best spinning line?

  • On spinning reels, a limp, flexible line is best, but lines with those qualities are usually not as strong and will stretch more. Stiffer line works well on bait-casting reels, and it can be stronger and have less stretch. Stiffer lines are also usually more abrasion resistant.

  • What is the best freshwater fishing rod?

  • The Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Rod and Reel is the top pick because of its superior balance in a rod and reel combo and the versatility for freshwater fishing. The rod is a 24 Ton graphite rod, giving it more strength and power than fiberglass rods. The guides and inserts on the rod are made of durable stainless steel.