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  • How do you use bait in Sea of thieves?

  • To use Bait, you will need to have at least 1 in your Inventory. Once you equip the Fishing Rod, press “Q” while holding the Fishing Rod. You will notice that there will be another button available or assigned for you to use Bait, in this case, it will be “R”.

  • How do you get a fishing rod in Sea of thieves?

  • On entering the game’s anniversary update, players will automatically possess a new fishing rod. To equip the rod, simply open the item wheel (Q on PC, LB on Xbox One), then navigate to the second wheel (F on PC, X on Xbox One). Select the rod from the menu and you should be good to go. Some fish will require bait (grubs, leeches, worms) to appear.

  • How is bait used on a fishing rod?

  • The main use of Bait is to catch specific types of Fish with the Fishing Rod. Bait can be put on fishing rod by taking out the rod, then opening up the Equipment Wheel and pressing the respective button for Bait, after which you can choose what bait to put on the rod. The following bait is used to catch the following Fish :

  • How do you cook fish in Sea of thieves?

  • Cooking fish in Sea of Thieves can be done just about anywhere. There is a stove and frypan on every ship and most islands have a cooking station somewhere. There are technically four stages to cooking fish in Sea of Thieves: not cooked, undercooked, perfectly cooked, and burnt.