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how to put a fishing hook on a hat插图

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  • Can a Fishhook be attached to a fishing hat?

  • Attaching a fishhook to your hat is easy but you must protect your head from contact with the point. Lures, flies and bare hooks add style points to your favorite fishing hat. The hooks also function as spares when your tackle box is empty. A properly placed hook will not come loose from the hat material.

  • Where is the best place to hook a baseball hat?

  • The bill of a baseball hat provides the best space for attaching hooks. The bill is firm, does not make contact with your head and the hook is visible to others without interfering with your vision. Hold the point of your hook against the bill using a shallow angle.

  • Can a baseball cap be used as a fishing hat?

  • Although this is best done with real fishing hats, if you want to attach the hook to the brim, you may also use a baseball cap. Just beware that if you use a baseball cap as opposed to a fishing hat, you’ll have less brim space to work with.

  • What’s the best way to put a hook on a shower cap?

  • Push the hook point downward through the cap. Rotate the hook and push the point upward through the top of the cap. The double point of entry stabilizes the hook and the upward angle of the point protects your skin. Use a metal file to dull the hook point if you do not plan on using the hook in the future.