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how to make tungsten ice fishing jig插图

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  • What kind of jigs do you use for ice fishing?

  • Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs Build A “Tungsten Bug” With Ice Pro Walt Matan I like to add Custom Jigs Spins plastics to the tungsten Chekai and Majmu?n jigs. You can use Ratso/Shrimpo tails, Wedgees, Noodels and Nuclear Ant legs in combination.

  • Which is the best tungsten jig on the market?

  • The Custom Jigs Spins Wolfinkee? (Pron. “Wolf-Finkee”) is the hottest NEW tungsten jig on the market! The Wolfinkee? features a precision balanced tungsten ball head with a colorful plastic body molded over a gold…

  • What kind of fish can a glazba ice jig catch?

  • Glazba? (pron. “glahz-bah”) has a ton of attitude in its tiny tungsten body! Its diamond nose picks up light refractions and brightens the day for bluegill, crappie and other panfish.

  • Do you hook more fish with resolute jigs?

  • You’ll hook more fish with Resolute Tackle’s Tungsten Jigs! Outfish your buddies and make your fishing trip more productive. Your customer service is amazing! I spoke to Eric about my recent order and he went above and beyond to make things right.