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  • How do you make paste bait for fishing?

  • A paste bait for fishing is made by mixing dry ingredients together with water, beaten eggs, margarine or other form of liquid or colloid to form a paste. In the process colouring and flavourings are added as an attractant to entice the fish.

  • Why do you use paste to catch fish?

  • Paste is basically a soft and pliable mixture of powdered and solid ingredients that can be moulded around the hook. Because the bait is moulded around the hook, the hook is invisible to the fish, making it quite easy to trick the fish into taking the bait.

  • What’s the best way to make angling paste?

  • Empty the contents of the bag into a suitable mixing bowl or bait tub. Start adding water to the mix a little at a time and mix the two together with your fingertips. The mix should become wetter. Leave it to stand for 15 minutes to enable the powder to fully absorb the water.

  • How do you make bouncy paste from fish?

  • Transfer about 2 cups of fish fillets into food processor bowl. Add 1 Tbsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 3 Tbsp tapioca flour, 1 tsp msg cup water. Pulse, adding another cup water in stages until a bouncy paste is achieved.