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  • How do you hook a fish with a noodle line?

  • A smaller hook will break on a larger fish, or miss hooking the fish altogether with the small gap. The hook is tied on with a simple overhand loop knot. The same overhand loop is tied on the leader’s other end. The loop end can be passed through the noodle line’s swivel in an instant.

  • What’s the best way to rig catfish noodles?

  • There are several methods for rigging Catfish Noodles. Varying bodies of water (Lake, River, Pond, Stream, etc.) have different noodle rigging styles best suited for catching catfish. Here at Catfish Noodles, LLC. we spend the majority of our time fishing and filming on the beautiful lakes of Virginia.

  • How does a pool noodle jug line work?

  • The typical pool noodle jug line uses a section of pool noodle slid onto a length of PVC pipe and held in place by caps on either end. A length of nylon twine is tied around the PVC pipe and a weight is tied to the other end of the twine. Regulations here allow me to have up to 5 hooks on each jugline but I typically only use 2.

  • How tall can you make a 5 gallon bucket of catfishing noodles?

  • Insert PVC pipe assembly into a foam section until the pipe cap comes into contact with the foam. The overall assembly can be no longer than the 5 gallon bucket is tall, which is about 13 inches. If you added a little bit to the length of the PVC and ended up with more than 1.25 inches, that is perfectly ok.