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  • How do you make fishing lures?

  • Crafting a Lure Out of Simple Items Make a lure out of a piece of cork if you have a leftover bottle of wine. Flatten a penny and turn it into a lure if you have no other use for it. Turn a length of paracord into a simple yet sturdy fishing lure.

  • What is the best wood for fishing lures?

  • Basswood is probably the most popular wood used for carving fishing lures. Basswood is a creamy white colored, fine grained wood that is easily carved with hand tools.

  • What lures are good for bass in a canal system?

  • Here Are the Best Bass Lures Baby Brush Hog with Red Specks. Baby brush hogs are 4 inches in length and come with 12 per pack. … Mepps Spinner. Mepps spinners come in sizes from number 00 through number 5. … Crayfish Bass Jig. … Zoom Worm Bass Soft Plastic. … Rapala Fat Rap Bass Lure. … Senko Bass Lure. … Original Rooster Tail Bass Spinner Bait. … Rebel Popper Bass Lure. … More items…

  • How do you make fishing spoons?

  • The first step in making saltwater fishing spoons is to draw and cut out a pattern of the shape and size you want from a piece of cardboard or heavy paper. This way, all your spoons will be uniform in size and you don’t have to make a new drawing to follow each time. Then trace the pattern outline on the sheet metal.