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  • What can I put in my dough ball to lure catfish?

  • Adding in some cheese or corn (including cornflakes) might help to attract catfish. Or you could try adding some peas to lure in carp. In a mixing bowl, add in your flour, cornmeal and Jello powder. Mix together. Once your flour, cornmeal and Jello are mixed together slowly add in your water and continue to mix.

  • What do you need to make a dough ball?

  • Several ingredients are needed to make the dough ball bait, so we have to collect these before preparing the ball. We need to collect some cups; in this cup, we will measure and use the ingredients. We will need clean water, flour powder, corn mill, jello, food coloring. Food coloring (no need to use // as needed.)

  • How do you bait a dough ball for fishing?

  • If you’ve boiled your dough balls first, remember to let them cool before you refrigerate or freeze them. When you’re ready to bait your hook, form your dough ball around your hook so that the hook is hidden within the dough ball. Your dough ball should reach up to the point where your hook meets your line.

  • Do you have to boil dough balls to fish?

  • If you wish, you can make the balls now, or even go to the pond where you want to fish. Experienced fishermen say that after making the balls for at least 1 minute, it should be boiled in hot water. The resulting dough balls are less corrosive so that they can wait longer for the fish at the bottom of the pond.