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  • What can I use to make bread paste for fishing?

  • If I want a simple cheese paste then I use one part bread dust to one part liquidised cheese. Mix the two together dry, then add the water. Because the cheese is liquidised, it mixes easily with the bread dust to produce a smooth bread paste. Mould the paste around the hook leaving just the point of the hook showing.

  • How do you make a paste for carp?

  • Any finely ground fishmeal groundbait can be made into a paste in seconds, providing a simple, soft and highly effective carp bait. Simply take a clean bait box, scoop up about half a cupful of water and add a little fishmeal groundbait. Mix it up thoroughly, and keep adding groundbait and mixing until you have a soft and sticky ball of paste.

  • What’s the best way to make cheese paste?

  • Take half the pastry and make sure it’s fully thawed. If it isn’t, you can grate it into the mixing bowl. Then grate the cheese into the bowl, on top of the lump or grated pastry, before adding the pinch of salt. Mix everything together thoroughly, the more vigorously the better.

  • Can you use cheese paste to catch fish?

  • Cheese Paste made easy! With the definite onset of winter, we begin to use baits which are generally associated with catching fish in the colder months. Moving away from pellets, meat and worm and using the more traditional baits such as bread, maggots and cheese paste.