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  • How to make fish bait out of bread?

  • 1 Take at least 2 slices of bread. 2 Turn on the water in your sink. 3 Put a slice of bread under the water and start rolling the slice of bread into a ball. 4 Repeat step 3 for all the slices of bread you want for fishing bait. 5 Go to your fishing spot with the balls of bread inside a plastic bag and your fishing gear. More items…

  • What kind of bait can you use with bread paste?

  • Chub and Barbel are two common targets when using bread paste. The easiest way of making a simple bread paste for using as your hook bait is to take a slice of bread and cut the crust off. Lightly wet remainder with water (this can be flavoured to your choice) and squidge it about in your hands until it forms a paste.

  • How big of a fish do you feed with bread paste?

  • For roach, bream, dace and grayling, 14 to 20 are right; chub, bream, tench and sometimes large roach need size 10; 8 for chub and barbel; 4 or 6 for carp. Neither paste nor bread is a natural bait, but it is nevertheless unlikely that big fish will not have come into contact with it in some form, at some time or other.

  • How do you make a paste from a loaf of bread?

  • Paste must be made from an old loaf, four days old at least. The loaf is prepared by removing the crusts then cutting it into slices an inch thick. Take one slice and dip it into a bowl of water, removing it almost immediately. Placing it into the palm of one hand, knead it into a paste with the other hand.