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  • What do you need to know about the Otter boat?

  • ? A revolutionary planer that gains greater distance from your boat than old fashioned boards and skis. ? The Otter Boat handles rough water well and won’t stall in turns. ? For trolling at extremely slow speeds or with copper or lead core lines add our new Half Keel ( Part # KT55573 ).

  • How does an otter trawl work at sea?

  • The otter trawl is towed behind a research vessel. It is held open by two large rectangular ‘otter boards’ These boards are mounted to the sides of the net and form an angle (between 30 and 40) with the trawling direction of the net.

  • Do you use Otter boats for copper rigs?

  • I would give the otter boats another vote, we use them exclusively for our copper rigs since we do not fish anything but Salmon, never a problem, we will run 2 copper sections off one side at times with the otter boats and they are way off to the side of the boat compared to the little boards which tend to run back of the boat.

  • How big is the mast on an Otter boat?

  • I ran my new Big Jon Otter Boats with the 5’2 mast mounted on the bow of my 23′ Saturday Sunday. Both boards out to max with the line that comes with the mast. Boards were tracking forward of the stern!! PERFECT, did not drag behind the boat. As for the Otter Boats they do handle rough water well.