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how to make a fishing teaser插图

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  • What’s the best way to do a teaser?

  • The rule-of-thumb starting point for teasers and daisy chains is to place them in clean water just outside the prop wash, about 25 feet back, pulled off the teaser lines on the outriggers, and tweak from there as the situation demands. The water behind the boat is your canvas, and teasers are your paint and brushes.

  • Where do you put the teaser ring on a boat?

  • Deploy daisy chains off teaser rings on the outriggers, and line them up to run 20 to 30 feet behind the boat, in the clean water outside the prop wash. (first teaser) Versions of the squid daisy chain range from traditional in-line models to dual-dimensional ones that swim as well as flop.

  • How does a teaser work on a boat?

  • Teasers create the illusion of action behind the boat in the prop wash, such as a feeding frenzy. Fish holding deep or hunting in the upper part of the water column sense the boat and lock in on the prop wash and your strategically placed teasers.

  • Why are offshore teasers good for anglers to use?

  • Offshore teasers are designed to attract big game to the boat, where anglers pitch-bait or tease them onto a flat-line bait. If the fish fades back, there’s a chance of it striking one of the baits staggered farther back, but that’s just one reason for setting up teasers to bring the show up close.