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  • How do you make a slingshot?

  • Making a Slingshot from Ordinary Household Items Cut a toilet paper roll in half lengthwise. Run a pair of scissors up one side of the roll so that it uncurls into a single sheet. Roll up and tape the toilet paper roll. Put the ends of the roll together so that they overlap, then roll it up like a newspaper.

  • What is the effective range of a slingshot?

  • A modern slingshot using an equally modern band and quality ammunition can easily achieve an effective range of 25 to 55 feet (7 to 16 meters) assuming the shooter is up to the task. This also assumes that one is in pursuit of small animals with a slingshot used as a hunting weapon.

  • How do I aim the slingshot?

  • How to Aim a SlingshotGet the feel of your slingshot. Once you’ve got your new slingshot, it probably won’t feel familiar in your hand at first. …Set up your targets and goals. …Load up your slingshot ammo. …Hold your slingshot. …Aim your slingshot at the target. …Release your slingshot. …Practice, practice, practice. …