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how to grid cross stitch with fishing line插图

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  • Do you use fishing line for cross stitch?

  • If you’ve ever seen a picture of what looks like thread running in a grid on a cross stitch project, it’s likely that the stitcher did their gridding with fishing line or something similar. Using fishing line is great as it won’t leave permanent marks on your fabric, it’s inexpensive, and it’s reusable!

  • What should I consider before gridding cross stitch fabric?

  • One thing to note before gridding cross stitch fabric is to consider how long you will likely be stitching the piece for. Is it a small piece you’ll have done in a few weeks, or is it a larger piece that could take years to do? For larger pieces I would suggest gridding your lines using “thread.”

  • How do you sew fishing line into fabric?

  • To stitch your fishing line into your fabric, use a fine sewing needle to thread your fishing line onto. Don’t use a tapestry needle, or the needle might make the holes in your fabric slightly wider — you could end up with a little grid of holes all over your fabric when you remove the line.

  • What kind of thread do you use to stitch grid lines?

  • If you prefer stitching your gridlines rather than drawing them, there is a product called Easy Count Guideline that is a thin nylon thread. There is a link to a demonstration video on their home page, and then the thread is really easy to pull out and reuse as it’s not going to get split or caught into the needlepoint itself.