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  • Is there a hack for fishing planet ESP?

  • Traditional Fishing Planet hacks are dead. You cannot edit and save files anymore. They added conversion to C++ to prevent easy hacking. After new lake is out, I will release a small hack. i dont have manage folder… The Best Free WarZ Hack | ESP | Alot of features !

  • How to get rid of ads in fishing planet?

  • Almost all ads disappear when you login. Open steam and goto game list, right click your Fishing Planet game, hover over Manage Browse Local Game, click. Open folder Fishing Planet then FishingPlanet_Data then Managed.

  • How much money can you make in 4 days of fishing?

  • Make sure to bring enough bait for all 4 days, and make sure all of your gear is fully repaired prior to the trip. The more days fished, the more return on your investment and profit you will make. 4 days will net you $30K-$40K profit easily.

  • How to make money from farm spotted bass?

  • Farm spotted bass during peak hours to fill up your bag, then use the forward time feature to 5am the next day. This will sell all the fish in your bag, and you just rinse and repeat. Now getting on to the actual method to making large amounts of money from each trip.