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how to get a fishing pole in gta 5插图

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  • How to get a fishing rod in GTA 5?

  • 1 Buy a fishing rod at any convenience store 2 Go to one of the fishing locations (shown in the screenshot) OR get in a boat! 3 Press the fishing key to fish (default F5 for keyboard, LS for controller, editable) 4 Sell the fish you’ve caught at the location shown in the screenshot (by pressing the same fishing button)

  • Where do you get fishing rod in Far Cry 5?

  • Open up the weapon wheel, then switch to the utility wheel by pressing R1 (RB on Xbox). Select the fishing rod from the radial menu – it’s at the top. Use R2 (RT on Xbox) to cast the line – the longer you hold it, the farther it’ll go.

  • How many types of fish can you catch in GTA 5?

  • This mod allows the player to fish at multiple locations, or on any boat! You can sell the fish you’ve caught as well. Currently there are 21 types of fish and 54 items for you to catch! (yep, dildo is one of them)