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  • What should I do if my fishing rod is broken?

  • I stand the rod in a rod rack and let it sit for 24 hours before using it. Another quick way to fix a broken fishing rod when the rod: When the rod is broken close to the first guide of the rod is to cut off the blank down to the first guide and make the guide the new tip.

  • What’s the best way to fix a broken fishing pole?

  • Open your 2-part epoxy and pour it into a bowl. Use a paintbrush to spread a thin layer of the epoxy on the exposed end of the fiberglass pole. Once the 2-part epoxy is mixed, work quickly so it doesn’t dry or set before you put your rod back together. You can buy 2-part epoxy from any hardware or craft store.

  • How do you put epoxy on a fishing rod?

  • Push the 2 pieces of the rod together so they’re flush. Let the epoxy set overnight so it firmly adheres to the rod. The epoxy doesn’t set right away, so you can still rotate or move the rod pieces once you slide them together.

  • How do you put a fiberglass pole in a fishing rod?

  • Hold your rod horizontally so you can position the fiberglass pole in the rod without it sliding too far. Push one end of the fiberglass pole into the end of the rod with the handle. Keep sliding the pole into the fishing rod until there’s 6 inches (15 cm) sticking out from the end.