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Once you are a clan member, you can donate common and rare lures to members that request lures. Each common lure you donate will give youfive coins plus 1 XP. Each rare lure you donate will give you 25 coins plus 5 XP.

How do you get fishing gear in fishing clash?

Just fire-up BlueStacks and take in the serenity of a beautiful fishing spot from the comfort of your favorite desk. In a previous guide, we’ve mentioned that rods and lures are quite important to your progression in Fishing Clash. Initially, the gear was only available in Hawaii.

How do you get free hooks in fishing clash?

Daily Hook Packs Daily hook packs are another free pack that Fishing Clash provides on a daily basis. These packs can be unlocked by winning duels to obtain hooks. Winning a duel with a two fish advantage will get you three hooks while winning a duel with only one fish advantage will only get you two hooks.

How many lures are in a clan pack?

Equivalent to a gold pack in every aspect except for coins, clan packs offer 245 lures and only 1,600–2,000 coins. This type of pack can only be acquired by being in a clan. Clan members participate in duels for chances of winning hooks, which contribute to each tier of a clan pack.

How to get free hooks and lures in Minecraft?

There are a couple of ways of getting new hooks and lures for free. Let’s start with the “social” part: If you join a guild, you can ask for new lures (and common packs) from guild members. This will be a very good method, especially if you are looking for a specific type of lure and can’t find it anywhere.

What is the lowest level lure pack?

The lowest level and most commonly opened lure pack is the, all too familiar, blue pack . This pack can only be acquired by winning duels. It is one of the only two lure packs that are affected by your trophy level.

How many lures do you get in the trophies pack?

While players with only 1,000 trophies will get 18 lures and about 1,000 coins from this pack, players with 2,500 trophies can expect to get 34 lures and about 1,500 coins.

How many coins are in a bronze pack?

Bronze packs contain 68 lures and approximately 1,800 coins. You can acquire this pack five different ways:

What is a lure pack?

Lure packs are the most frequently promoted aspect of Fishing Clash. If you’re low on coins or pearls, you probably often find yourself trying to calculate how many coins you will get from each lure pack. While there is no exact set amount for every type of lure pack, I have developed approximate estimates with example pictures of each type …

How much does a rare pearl pack cost?

If purchased in the store, on average, each of these packs cost $9.99 or 300–400 pearls. These are usually only available during events or for the particular fishery that your daily championship is based on.

How many pearls are in a pack of pearls?

In-store purchase: You can purchase this pack for 60 pearls.

How many bronze packs do you get in a daily Championship?

Daily c hampionships: Placing 6th or 7th in your daily championship earns you two bronze packs. Placing 8th–20th in your daily championship will earn you one bronze pack.


Surely, you would be considering that catching a fish isn’t more than difficult having a cup of tea. Somehow, you are right, but in some cases, you have to concentrate more to catch huge fish. Catching a fish in itself is a fun-filled activity and Fishing Clash brings this activity to your mobile devices.

Complete Daily Quests

On regular basis, the game leaves you a special quest to complete regarding a fish to catch. You will be awarded a unique pack of cards that upon exploring will leave you amazing tools, bonuses, and rods as well. To complete the quest, you must equip the best or required lure; otherwise, you will never catch the said fish type.

Join Guilds

Therefore, you should apply to those guilds that are low when comes to prestige points. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about hooks as they can be earned by merely dominating duels. Probably, a player can get three hooks for free after winning a duel match.

Fishing Clash Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide Updated December 2020

The ultimate fishing experience is here in Fishing Clash, a sport fishing game from Ten Square Games. Grab your fishing rod and travel around the world fishing in beautiful locales to become the ultimate angler.

New December 2020 Gift Codes

Fishing Clash offers limited time codes that you can redeem for free goodies. We’ve collected a few codes, but remember to redeem them as soon as possible – these codes are constantly expiring in place of new codes, so don’t sleep on them!

Getting More Lure Cards

The key to success in Fishing Clash is to be constantly upgrading your lure cards. Upgrading a lure card increases the weight of the fish in the card and grants you player experience. This is the only way to level up in the game, so upgrading constantly is necessary.

Upgrading your Fishing Rods

Upgrading your fishing rod is probably the hardest aspect of Fishing Clash, not only because the game doesn’t really explain the mechanics behind it, but also because it’s extremely expensive.

Leveling up your License

Your fishing license is another way of passively boosting the amount of points your fish are worth. You can view your license under the gear tab – remember that just like the rods, there’s an individual license for each fishing spot.

Obtaining More Pearls

So how exactly do you get more pearls? Well, there’s not that many options if you’re free player unfortunately. The game really wants you to purchase them with real money, so naturally it’s very stingy about handing them out for free.

Winning Duels

There’s not really much to duels, as there’s usually a lot of luck involved. At the start of a duel, three of your current fishing spot’s lure cards will be selected, so be sure to pick the card with the highest point value. To improve your odds, duel at a fishing spot where you have the most lure cards upgraded.

How does Fishing Clash work?

In the Fishing Clash walkthrough , you will learn how to catch fish and how the game mechanics works . Firstly, you should keep in mind that Fishing Clash doesn’t feature only casual gameplay, but it comes with a competitive PvP (Player versus Player) mode where it pits two players of the same skill level against each other in real-time. The player with the highest points on the leaderboard will win the PVP Duel match. The completion of matches rewards players with in-game coins and many other things, including rewards and rare species.

How to catch fish in a fishing rod game?

Everyone starts the game with basic tools and you need to hit the “Cast” button to throw the hook connected with the rod into the water. Once the fish is stuck in the hook, you must start tapping the strike button as fast as possible to bring the bar to a specific zone and catch the fish once it reaches.

How many fish do you have to catch to get coins?

For coins, you have to catch at least 50 fish daily; otherwise, you won’t receive any coins later.

What is skill tree?

If you don’t know about Skill Tree, then let me explain briefly. It is a set of skills that will be unlocked as you fulfill their requirements. Therefore, you should start completing assigned tasks to earn in-game coins, luck, fish species, and other things to utilize and unlock skills. The skill tree is borrowed from RPG video games where the player struggles for his character development. Similarly, you have to work hard to unlock premium tools, skins, and more. Here’s is a list of some skills as follows:

Is Fishing Clash a good game?

Fishing Clash is one of the best Simulations available for mobile devices. It is giving you a chance to learn how to catch a fish; meanwhile, pitting you against other players from worldwide. Having the best strategy and better tools can take your gaming experience to the next level. Therefore, you should thoroughly learn about the mechanics and see how the game works. Collect the best rods, lures, and other tools to make your journey outstanding. Explore different destinations from the protagonist’s perspective and don’t forget to activate bonuses and power-ups to win duels.

Is it easy to catch fish in Fishing Clash?

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure, where you meet thousands of players worldwide when start catching fish species in Fishing Clash? Before starting, let me clear one thing that catching a fish isn’t easy as you are considering. It requires lots of patience, good strategy, and perfect timing. Besides, you should learn what kinds of tools you need when going to catch fish. Therefore, we jump in to help you with our F ishing Clash Guide – Best Tips and Tricks.

Is Fishing Clash a simulation?

Do you love playing fishing games? If so, then Fishing Clash is designed for you by Ten Square Games. It is one of the best Simulations, offering you gorgeous gameplay with jaw-dropping graphics. You have an opportunity to learn how to catch fish; meanwhile, exploring the beautiful world of the ocean. The game introduces a variety of fish species; each one is unique in itself and comes with unique behavior.

How many hooks can you get in Fishing Clash?

And to get new hooks, you just need to win duels: It is possible to win up to three hooks per duel with this method. Unfortunately, the matchmaking system of Fishing Clash is not that good, so you will keep getting matched by very high-level fishermen and lose most of your duels. Well, keep trying: You will become a high-level fisherman too in no time.

How to play Fishing Clash on BlueStacks 4?

Play Fishing Clash on BlueStacks 4. You may think that catching a fish should be an easy job: Just cast your rod, sit back, and wait for the fish to catch the bait. Well, this is the main principle of this job, but Fishing Clash requires a little more “interaction” from you. Plus, there are some features that let you catch the rarest fishes.

How much weight is needed for sheephead?

Today, we are aiming for Sheepshead and it must be at least 3 kilograms.

Can you use BlueStacks to get lure packs?

Using BlueStacks will also give you lots of lure packs in the beginning: We explained how to do this in another article, so you should read that too. Now, you are ready to conquer the ocean like a true fisherman – use your rod and collect all the fishes!

Can you get new lures in a guild?

There are a couple of ways of getting new hooks and lures for free. Let’s start with the “social” part: If you join a guild, you can ask for new lures (and common packs) from guild members. This will be a very good method, especially if you are looking for a specific type of lure and can’t find it anywhere. However, most of these guilds will only accept “pro” fishermen, so apply to the guilds with low prestige points, at least in the beginning.

Where are the bonuses in Fishing Clash?

They are located at the upper right corner of the screen and you need to manually activate them by clicking. Activating these bonuses will give you a head start at the beginning.

Do you have to claim your card pack in Fishing Clash?

And after completing the daily task, don’t forget to claim your card pack: This is the main method of getting new types of lures. Note that you may also have to upgrade your rod in order to meet the weight requirement – take a look at our Fishing Clash review to learn how to do that.

How many stars do you need to upgrade a fishing rod?

Initially, the maximum upgrade count for a rod was 5. Now, they’ve gone up to 7. To see what level your rod is, you just have to count how many stars it has, as each star corresponds to a level. With each new star, your rod gains better stats as well as a new perk slot, so it really pays off to keep fishing in the same place.

How many perks can you get on a 7 star rod?

The higher its level, the more perks you can use to enhance it. For example, when you finally get a 7-star rod, you’ll be able to equip no less than 7 perks on it at a given time. To begin with, your perks are quite few and they’re mostly related to catching bigger, heavier fish.

What rod do you need to catch heavier fish?

If you want to increases your odds of catching heavier fish, you need a better rod. The default equipment is the Florida Rod and, sadly, there’s nothing special about it. It has 0% chance to land you an instant catch, 0% chance to increase your combo points, and just one perk.

Do rods affect levelling?

Unfortunately, the perks of the rods you use as upgrade material have no influence on the newly levelled one. However, the perks that were there before the upgrade will stay there and get an additional improvement.

What does a 4 star mean?

4 star – improved sonar or better luck. 5 star – enhanced weight for all types of fish you catch. 6 star – higher chance to catch bigger fish. 7 star – significantly better weight bonus for the fish you catch.

Is each rod locked to a specific spot?

Unfortunately, each rod is locked to a specific fishing spot, hence their name. This is not a particularly advantageous feature for F2P players, as it means they’ll have to grind new equipment every time they unlock a new fishery.

Do all rods have stats?

In the beginning, we mentioned that all rods have basic stats attached to them. These stats are as follows:

How many fishy banks can you own?

Fishy Bank allows you to get valuable extra rewards. The Fishy Bank icon is located on the main screen and each player can own only one Fishy Bank. Activating the bank will allow you to earn Fishcoins for every catch as well as not to forget that Fishy Bank is the only way to purchase Fishcoins. A limited-time perk is when the bank limit has reached its full, you can open the crate to convert them into Pearls, so hurry up!

Why join a fishing clan?

Joining a clan in Fishing Clan is important as it unlocks some clan exclusive events for you which help you to collect points collectively and earn some exclusive legendary gear. You can also ask for and donate lures and gears and converse with other anglers in the clan.

What to use to catch fish in Fishing Clash?

Use power-ups, the best-upgraded lure you got, bonuses, and the best quality rod you have to catch bigger and rarer fish in Fishing Clash, including legendary, epic, rare, mythical, and special kinds as well.

What to do before taking part in a fishing championship?

Hence, before accepting a challenge or taking part in any championship, make sure to check what kind of fish is to be caught that day and if you have the lure and gear for the same . Get your stuff ready and only then go for the catch to get the amazing rewards and grab the trophy.

What is a fishing rod?

A Fishing Rod is a basic equipment and part of the basic gear needed to catch a fish in Fishing Clash. In the beginning, the game provides you with a free rod, the Florida Rod, and as you move to new destinations and unlock new fisheries by leveling up, you unlock a new rod along the way. On the main screen of the game, on the left side, tap the gear option -> to check the rods owned by you.

How to catch a fish in the Florida fishing game?

The game starts in Florida where you start fishing by choosing a fishery and casting a fishing rod line. Pressing the cast button you throw the line and the strike button is used to pull once a fish has been caught in the lure.

How many stars do you need to collect fish?

To complete the Fish Collection, all your fishes should be attaining 12 stars.