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Use the tool button to cast the rod near the water. …A meter will appear,which you can use to decide how far you want the line to goRelease the button to cast the lineWait for a little until you hear a distinct sound and an exclamation point appears above your character; this means a fish has bitten.More items

How do you catch fish in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, when you players aim to catch some fish, you start looking for a place to cast a fishing pole. When you get to the place that you wish, it is time to play a mini-game. As soon as a fish is hooked, a minigame that lets the player catch it begins. In this minigame, a fish-like icon goes vertically up and down.

How to cast a fishing pole in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, in order to catch some fish, the first thing you have to do is to find a body of water. After deciding which body of water on which you will cast your fishing pole, it is time to play a little mini-game. To cast a fishing pole into a body of water, hold down the Use Tool button which is Left Click button on PC.

How do you get a fishing rod In Stardew?

You can get a fishing rod from Willy early in the game at the Fish Shop. The Fish Shop is located on the docks of the Beach, south of Pelican Town. You can also find fishing rods at random locations in the ocean, lake, river, or on the ground when it’s raining. Look for the fishing rod icon as you walk around Stardew Valley.

What is the fishing profession in Stardew Valley?

Once you get to level 5 of fishing, you’ll get to decide your character’s profession. For fishing, the options are Fisher or Trapper. To fish in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a fishing rod. But, unlike other tools like the hoe or the watering can, you won’t start the game with a fishing rod.

What is Fishing

Just like Farming or Mining, Fishing is another one of the skills you can level up in Stardew Valley.

How to Unlock Fishing

To fish in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a fishing rod. But, unlike other tools like the hoe or the watering can, you won’t start the game with a fishing rod. Instead, Willy will send you a letter on the second day of Spring asking you to see him at the beach. Once you get there, a cut scene will start, and he’ll give you a Bamboo Pole.

How to Fish

Once you have a rod, equip it and head to the nearest body of water to start fishing. Once there, you’ll have to follow the steps below.

How to Use Bait

Once you purchase a Fiberglass Rod or an Iridium one, you can start using bait when fishing by attaching the bait to the rod.

What zone is Bobber in?

If your bobber lands at least 5 tiles away from any land, it is located in zone 5. Otherwise, the zone is one less than the distance (in tiles) from the nearest land.

What happens when a fish bites?

When a fish bites, the bobber wiggles and an exclamation point appears above the player character’s head along with a distinct sound. Click the Use Tool button to start the mini-game.

How do bubbles help fish?

Bubbles grant two benefits: Fish bite four times faster. When determining the type of fish that is hooked, the effective Fishing Zone is increased by 1, i.e., trash is less likely to be caught and difficult-to-catch are more likely; some Legendary Fish can be found closer to the shore when bubbles are present.

What is the benefit of perfect catches?

Perfect catches grant two benefits: If it is a silver or gold quality fish, the quality of the fish is increased by one. ( i.e., a silver fish becomes a gold fish, a gold fish becomes an iridium fish). The amount of experience awarded for catching the fish is multiplied by 2.4.

Where is the treasure chest in Fishing?

During the fishing mini-game, a treasure chest will occasionally appear inside the vertical bar. Treasure chests have their own progression bar, fillable by keeping the green bobber bar behind the treasure chest icon . If obtained, the player is awarded random bonus loot after catching the fish. Losing the fish also loses the treasure chest.

How to cast a fishing rod in water?

Overview & Controls. To cast a fishing rod into a body of water, hold down the Use Tool button ( on PC, button on Xbox, on Playstation, on Switch). A meter appears, indicating how far the line will go. Release to cast.

Why angle cast in non standard fishing spots?

In some non-standard fishing spots, it is necessary to angle the cast in order to get further from land.

What is the most expensive rod in Stardew Valley?

Fiberglass Rod – can be bought from Willy for 1800g. This rod requires a level 2 at fishing, and you can use a fishing bait on it. Iridium Rod – the most expensive rod in Stardew Valley comes with a price tag of 7500g.

How many fishing rods are there in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley keeps the game functional, but not too complicated – there are only 3 different rods available in the game: Bamboo Pole – the cheapest fishing rod in Stardew Valley, which is obtained for free from Willy or can be bought for 500g.

Why is leveling up important in fishing?

Leveling up in fishing is vital in this game. Every level gives new abilities or unlock new items, which makes fishing even more successful. With success comes bigger interest!

What is a cork bobber?

Cork Bobber – slightly increases a fishing bar in which a fish must remain to catch it.

What does it mean when a fish icon beeps?

A notification with a beeping sound means that you got something and a mini-game will be triggered, where the fish icon must stay in a green bar. You must know the most important features about fishing rods, tackles, baits and fishing spots if you want to not only learn the fishing game, but master it too.

How long does it take for a spinner to bite?

Spinner and Dressed Spinner – slightly increases the bite-rate when fishing and decreases the maximum delay before nibble by 3.75 seconds and 7.5 seconds, respectively.

Why is bait better than trash?

Bait – takes less time to attract fish and lowers the chance of getting trash items.

How to catch fish in a scuba diver?

Reel in the fish when the catch meter fills up all the way . In order to catch the fish, the catching meter must be completely full. Continue pressing the action button to adjust the box around the fish and fill up the meter. You win points and expertise based on the fish you catch.

How to catch fish in a box?

Press down on the Y button to keep the green border around the fish. Use the Y button to reel in your fish. When you start the mini-game, the fish moves up and down in the box. Push the Y button to keep the fish in the boundaries of the box. Hold Y to move up, let go of the Y button to move the box down, and rapidly tap the Y button to stay in the same place. When the fish is inside the green box, the catching meter fills up. If the fish leaves, the catching meter begins to drain.

How do I fish in Stardew Valley?

Fishing is one of the main skills you can develop in Stardew Valley, though mastering how to fish in Stardew Valley may be tricky at first. Cast your line into the water by pressing the Y button, then win the fishing mini-game by keeping the green box around the fish. Fill up your catching meter in order to reel in the fish and win points.

What happens if the catch meter runs out?

Lose the fish if the catch meter runs out. If you are unable to reposition the box around the fish and the catching meter runs out, you lose the mini-game. The fish swims away and you continue with the rest of the gameplay.

What is the purpose of a bobber on a fishing line?

The fishing line has a bobber, which is used to attract different fish based on where it lands.

Where to get a fishing rod in Stardew Valley?

1. Receive a fishing rod from Willy early in the game. Willy is one of the characters in Stardew Valley, and he is the head fishermen. Visit the Fish Shop, Willy’s home, in order to get your first basic rod for free. The Fish Shop is located on the docks of the Beach, south of Pelican Town. Purchase a different fishing rod from Willy once you reach …

What happens if you catch a perfect catch?

If you have a perfect catch, you win bonus points. This is when you do not lose any of your catching meter.

How many experience points does a crab pot give you?

Each harvested pot grants 5 experience points.

What is the hardest thing to learn in Stardew Valley?

Fishing is one of the harder things to learn in Stardew Valley, but these tips and tricks will have you reeling them in.

What happens if you catch 1.4?

Having a perfect catch after 1.4 actually bumps up the quality of the fish by one point. This means that a catch that would have normally been silver will now be gold, and a gold catch will be iridium quality. Time to train that perfect catch method!

What fish can you catch in the Willy’s Shop?

These two locations will have the easiest to catch fish, including the Sardine, Anchovy, Smallmouth Bass, and Sunfish. All four are relatively easy to catch, with fairly predictable movement, which will allow you to grind those early fishing skill levels up quickly and also sell your catch for a decent price at Willy’s shop.

What is a fish pond?

While the fish pond is more of a mid to late game farm building, it’s a great addition to players who want to boost their fishing skill gains. The fishing pond is a brand new item since the 1.4 update, and it basically allows the player to populate one pond with one type of fish. Any type of fish, with the exception of legendary fish, can be placed in the pond.

How to move the green bar in Fishing Mini?

There are two ways to move the green bar to follow the fish icon that moves up and down: slow click and release, or continuous fast-paced clicking.

What level do you need to be to use crab pots?

15 15. Use Crab Pots. Once the player reached level 3 of fishing, crab pots will be accessible in the crafting menu. These small pots can be placed in the water just about anywhere, and they’ll yield resources the next day. Bug meat can be turned into bait, which then needs to be placed inside these crab pots.

How to get Stardew Valley fishing rod?

How to get each Stardew Valley fishing rod. First you’re going to need the right tool, your trusty fishing rod. There are four types in Stardew Valley and they get increasingly better as you level up your fishing skills. The four types are the Bamboo Pole, Training Rod, Fiberglass Rod, and the Iridium Rod.

What is the trickiest thing to do in Stardew Valley?

Of all the relaxing activities in Stardew Valley, fishing is the trickiest. Getting to grips with the minigame can be more stressful than going into a monster-ridden cavern with only a rusty sword and a fist full of cave carrots, even. It takes time, patience, and a steady hand to become a fishing master, and it can earn you some …

How to throw a bobber in a pond?

Start fishing by standing next to a body of water—like a lake, pond or the ocean—select your fishing rod in the toolbar. Press the left mouse button and hold it down to determine how far you want to throw your bobber and release when the icon is in the perfect place on the progress bar that appears.

What level should you use a fishing rod?

The training rod is what you should use if you’re having trouble fishing. It sets the player’s fishing level to 5 , so the green block is substantially bigger. It makes catching fish easier, but you can only catch basic fish with it. Practice with it to get to grips with the basics and move on.

How to keep green block from bounceing?

The green block has a tendency to bounce around a lot, so instead of holding down the mouse button, try many short clicks. Clicking faster keeps the block towards the top, and slower, more prolonged, sticks it at the bottom.

How to get a green block on a vertical meter?

A vertical meter will appear with a fish icon and a green block, the goal is to get the green block in line with the fish . As you press and hold the mouse button the block moves up and down the meter; The longer you hold it down the higher up the bar it goes.

What is fish collectable?

Fish are a valuable type of collectable and they’re for vital ingredients for recipes. You’ll also want them to complete the community centre, and what’s more, selling them is one of the best ways of earning money in the game.

Why are players discouraged in fishing?

Worse, players may get discouraged because a hard-to-catch fish appears on their line, and they were never meant to be capable of catching it so early in the game. This tutorial explains the basics of the fishing minigame so that you can actually catch fish.

How to make a fish bounce less?

Applying a little pressure just before it hits the bottom will make it bounce less. When fish and box are both at the bottom it’s very easy to reel it in – it happens automatically, and the fish can only go up, so you can wait on that and react accordingly. Hopefully this helps you catch some fish in Stardew Valley.

How to play fishing mini game?

Fishing Mini-Game Objective: Keep the Bar Behind the Fish. The fish will go up and down on the bar, and you’ve got this green box you can control by pressing the action button. Your goal is to keep the fish inside the green box. While it’s in these boundaries, the main meter will fill up indicating you’re catching the fish.

What happens when a fish leaves the meter?

Should the fish leave, the meter will begin to drain, you’ll hear a sound and the box will dim until it’s behind the fish again. When the fishing meter is full, you’ve caught the fish. Here’s the main problem though – the fish is going to move, meaning you have to apply the right amount of virtual ‘pressure’ to the line.

Why is it hard to catch fish when they go all the way to the bottom?

It has a bit of momentum to it. If the fish goes all the way to the bottom, it can actually be hard at first because the box will ‘bounce’ when it hits the bottom. Applying a little pressure just before it hits the bottom will make it bounce less.

What happens if the fish never leaves the green area?

If the fish never leaves the green area, you’ll get a ‘Perfect!’ which is mainly used during the fair to give you a better score. During normal fishing, it is just a minor accomplishment. If the fish goes down, you let up on the clicking a bit. If the fish goes up, hold and click.

Do bobbers attract fish?

The bobber will attract different fish based upon where it lands. Further out from land is better and usually has better catch rates. That’s a good rule of thumb, and finding spots where you can cast far from land will serve you well. An example of this is the left side of the docks on the beach.

How much XP do crab pots give?

Fish caught in crab pots are always normal quality, and all Crab Pot fish are worth 5 fishing XP. Only Foraged fish can be of normal, silver, gold, or iridium quality and are affected by the Botanist profession bonus. Some are only catchable using a baited Crab Pot. Baiting the rewarded crab pots, however, is only possible by reaching fishing level 2, viewing Linus ‘ 4-Heart cutscene, or acquiring Bait randomly from a fishing treasure chest.

What is the fish mini game?

The fishing mini-game. Whenever a fish is hooked, a minigame which allows the player to catch it will be triggered. In this minigame, a fish-like icon will move up and down inside a vertical space. The player controls a green bar, which will ascend while the left mouse button is pressed and will drop while it’s not.

What is the difference between silver and gold fish?

This increases the fish quality: silver quality fish become gold quality, and gold quality become iridium quality. This is the only way to catch an iridium quality fish. However, regular quality fish remain unaffected.

How to tell what fish was hooked?

The player can, however, deduce this by observing its behavior and by being aware of the circumstances the fish was hooked under, such as season, time, weather, and location.

What fish move more random with a higher possible amplitude in both directions?

Dart: These fish move more random with a [2 x difficulty]% higher possible amplitude in both directions, moving erratically up and down the fishing bar.

How many fish are there in Legendary?

There are five fish in the game classified as "legendary". These fish are caught in specific places and have a high difficulty. When reeling them in, these fish are shown wearing a crown. Legendary fish can only be caught once per save file, or once per player in Multiplayer .

Can you eat crab pot fish?

While none of these items can be eaten directly (unlike rod-caught fish), all crab pot fish can be used in Cooking recipes that require a "fish" and some have specific recipes of their own. Most catch of normal quality except Crab, Lobster, and Crayfish is worth less than 75g, making it more profitable to turn them into Sashimi rather than to sell these items. (This changes with the Fisher and Angler Professions, as well as the quality of foraged items.)

What fish can live in a fish pond?

The only fish which cannot live in the fish pond are the five legendary fish: Legend, Mutant Carp, Crimsonfish, Glacierfish, and Angler , as well as the 5 legendary fish in the Qi’s extended family quest, Ms. Angler, Glacierfish Jr., Son of Crimsonfish, Radioactive Carp and Legend II. ( Clam is not considered a fish, and so cannot live in a Fish Pond.) Fish thrown in the pond also reproduce up to the limit of their pond, except for Tiger Trout, which cannot reproduce.

What does "empty pond" mean?

Selecting the “empty pond” option in the fish pond fully resets the pond, returning it to the same state as a newly built pond. However, all fish in the pond are lost. This can be avoided by catching and removing all the fish before resetting the pond.

How many XP do you get for a fish quest?

When a quest is completed, the fish will jump out of the pond and thank you (using one of 19 responses). Also, you are granted 20-45 Fishing XP (dependent upon the fish spawning frequency, XP = 20 + 5 × Spawn_Frequency ).

What fish change the color of the pond?

Lava Eels, Super Cucumbers, Slimejacks, and Void Salmons change the color of the pond water. For Lava Eels, the color change happens after the first quest is completed. For the other fish, the color changes when the population reaches 3 (if the third fish is thrown into the pond, the color change happens overnight).

How long does it take for a fish to spawn?

The fish spawn frequency is species dependent, and ranges from 1 to 5 days for most fish (the one exception is Tiger Trout, which does not reproduce). More expensive fish spawn more slowly. Fish will reproduce even if only one fish is present in the pond.

How many fish can you have in a pond?

The standard initial capacity of a pond is three fish. Several rare fish have an initial capacity of just one fish, namely Blobfish, Ghostfish, Ice Pips, Lava Eels, Slimejacks, Stonefish, Sturgeons, Void Salmons, and Woodskips. Tiger Trout, Sea Urchins, and Coral have an initial capacity of ten.

What are the most common items in a fish pond?

Fish ponds may produce items in the chum bucket daily, with items being more likely at higher fish populations. The most common item is Roe, but at high populations, some fish can produce rare or valuable items.