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How to rig my drop shot baits correctly?

Drop Shot Rig Knot Tying Instructions. Begin by tying a Palomar Knot with a long tag end. Double 12 to 30 inches of line (depending on how high you want the bait off the bottom) and pass end of loop through eye of hook. Tie a loose overhand knot with the hook hanging from the bottom of the loop formed. While holding the overhand knot between …

How do you make a drop shot rig?

Part 1 Part 1 of 2: Setting up Your Rig Download ArticleBuy a medium or lightweight rod. You can purchase a general light or medium fishing rod online or at a fishing or game store.Thread 10–20 lb (4.5–9.1 kg) braided line through the eyelets of your pole. …Tie a 15–18 in (380–460 mm) fluorocarbon leader to the braided line. …Tie the leader to the hook. …More items…

How to make a drop shot?

Steps to Make ItGather the ingredients.Pour the vodka into a shot glass. The SpruceCoat a lemon wedge with sugar. The SpruceDrink the shot of vodka. Follow that immediately with a bite of the sugary lemon. Enjoy.

How to rig Your Drop Shot for perch fishing?

The Right Tackle for Drop ShottingThe Rod One of the main things to look for in my opinion is the weight of the rod. …The Reel Ideally,the reel needs to be light with a good smooth drag. Sizes can range from 500 which is the smallest up to 2500. …The Landing Net Like with all the tackle for drop-shotting the landing net wants to be nice and light,the lighter the better. …More items…

How to use bait for dropshot rig?

Attach bait to the hook to finish the rig. You can attach live or artificial bait to the hook. Longer, worm-like baits like worms or minnows are best for a drop-shot rig because their tails undulate in the water. Take the bait and pierce it through the nose. This will give the bait the most realistic movement in the water.

What knot to use for fluorocarbon leader?

Use a palomar knot, uni knot, or swivel knot to securely attach the fluorocarbon leader to the braided line. Your weight, hook, and bait will go on this fluorocarbon leader. Fluorocarbon is lighter and less visible to most fish, which is why you should use it at the end of your line.

How to use a drop shot hook?

Use a size 1-2 drop shot hook when setting up your drop shot rig. Thread the tag end of the leader into the eye on the top of the hook, so that you have 6–8 in (15–20 cm) of line to work with. Then, use a palomar knot, swivel knot, or uni knot to secure the hook to the leader.

How to unwind a fishing pole?

Thread 10–20 lb (4.5–9.1 kg) braided line through the eyelets of your pole. Slide the braided line onto the spool on your pole and turn the reel in a counterclockwise motion to unwind some of the line. Then, take the free end of the line, or the tag end, and run it through the eye on your pole. Pull it out of eye at the tip of your pole so that there’s 8–12 inches (20–30 cm) of excess line.

What is drop shot rig?

A drop shot rig is a popular fishing setup that includes a weighted leader that causes your bait to sink. This style of fishing emulates the natural movement of prey found in the wild and is perfect for catching bottom feeders like bass or catfish.

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Why use fluorocarbon at the end of a fishing line?

Fluorocarbon is lighter and less visible to most fish, which is why you should use it at the end of your line.

What is a drop shot rig?

A drop shot rig consists of line tied to a hook with a trailing leader that comes to an end with a weight so that the weight is at the bottom and the hook and bait are above it. You can choose from many hooks, weights, and bait options for your drop shot rig, but for the purposes of this post, we will generalize it to a common set up.

How to make a leader with a drop shot hook?

The first thing you need to do is take your drop shot hook between your fingers and put the line through the top of the hook eyelet and pull it through enough that you will have at least a foot or more tag end to make a leader.

What weight to use for drop shot?

Weights from 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz are good to start with, but there are times for both heavier and lighter weights.

What is a drop shot rig and how to fish it?

If you recently got a drop shot rod and reel or just want to start soon, then this guide is for you. Carefully read through this guide because it will give you all the tips to allow you to skip the learning curve that most fishermen have to go through. Drop shot fishing is hard, but if you attempt to take shortcuts on your first few times on the water, you can learn some really bad habits that could take a long time to unlearn.

What line to use for worm fishing?

For all my finesse fishing needs whether it’s drop shot, shaky head, wacky worm fishing, always have a braid to fluorocarbon line combo! It’s the preferred approach that will catch you more fish and avoid unnecessary headaches on the water.

How to get a bass to pick up a worm?

Start by choosing a bright colored worm such as white or chartreuse. Slowly drag the worm into the bed and the bass will instinctively pick it up and move it off the bed. If white or chartreuse does not work, go with a natural-colored bait such as a pumpkin or watermelon colored. Finally, if that does not work throw in a bright red worm.

What is the most common bait to drop shot?

Soft plastic straight tail worms are typically the most common drop shot bait because very soft, flexible and have the most action. They relatively easy to find and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Why braided main line?

Using braided main line has many benefits. First, it’s best benefit is that it has no stretch in it, and is super sensitive. This is perfect for this type of situation when you want to feel the slightest of bites. Braided line also offers an incredibly small line diameter so it’s very hard for the fish to see.

How many ounces of weight for 5-10 feet?

If you’re fishing in 5-10 feet, use our 1/4 ounce weights.

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How to avoid invisibility in fishing?

To help avoid that, outfit your rig with a combination of light braid on your mainline and then an additional 10 feet of a high-quality fluorocarbon line. This way, you’ll avoid any potential issues and also still reap the benefits of line invisibility in the water.

How to hook a fish with a Palomar knot?

Start with a Palomar knot as your base that has a long tag end. Determine how far you want your bait to present from the bottom and then measure twice that length of line. Double it and then thread the end of the loop through the eye of your hook.

What is a drop shot rig?

With a drop shot rig, the soft, plastic bait is held in a weightless environment where it can move naturally.

Why is drop shot fishing so popular?

One of the reasons drop shot fishing is so popular is because it works. By making the bait appear as if it’s suspended in water and moving naturally, it lures more bass and makes catching them easy. All good anglers know, bait that looks alive is the key to attracting fish. With a drop shot rig, the soft, plastic bait is held in a weightless …

What bait is best for minnows?

Shad-style bait – best when fish are feeding on minnows and shad

What rod to use for drop shot fishing?

Look for a medium-light, extra fast action rod that will allow you to make a good hook set without snapping your line. Make sure that it’s not too stiff. Flexibility works in your favor when you’re drop shot fishing.

What shape is best for drop shot?

Cylindrical or teardrop shapes perform well if you’re learning how to drop shot, and they are less likely to snag or break off during the process. Choose a weight that’s heavy enough to perform well in your environment.

How to tie an overhand knot?

While holding the overhand knot between thumb and forefinger, pass end of loop over the hook. Slide loop to above eye of hook. Pull on both standing line and tag end to tighten down the knot onto eye of hook. Now feed tag end back through hook eye from above.

How to tie a Palomar knot?

Begin by tying a Palomar Knot with a long tag end. Double 12 to 30 inches of line (depending on how high you want the bait off the bottom) and pass end of loop through eye of hook. Tie a loose overhand knot with the hook hanging from the bottom of the loop for med. While holding the overhand knot between thumb and forefinger, …

What is drop shot fishing?

Drop Shotting is a popular bass fishing technique but it was actually invented by saltwater fishermen. The technique was introduced to the bass fishing world by pro bass fishermen on the West Coast and it quickly spread. It proved successful in the highly pressured lakes of the West and is considered a “finesse” technique.

Why is smallmouth fishing good?

To me, smallmouth fishing is great because there are fewer baits that you need compared to largemouth. The reason is that you don’t often have the vast changes in water clarity in fisheries that are dominated by smallmouth. You may fish for largemouth in 2 inches of visibility to 20 feet.

What line does Martens use for dropshot?

When Martens is setting up his drop-shot rig, he starts with a spinning rod spooled with 16-pound Sunline SX1 braided line. The bait can vary, but the hook stays consistent: Martens goes with a Gamakatsu G-Finesse Heavy Cover Hook when drop-shotting. But almost as important as all of those aspects is the length of his 8- to 10-pound fluorocarbon leader.

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What are the unicorns of bass fishing?

Big schools of smallmouth are the unicorns of bass fishing.

How deep is Bradley Roy’s water?

Roy’s key areas were a 60-mile run from the takeoff and he targeted bedding smallmouth in 8- to 14-feet-deep water.

What is the priority for fall fishing?

Common thinking with fall fishing is that locating baitfish is priority number one . It’s undoubtedly important, but there’s more to it than that.

How to find a unicorn when it disappears?

Once the unicorn disappears, you have to go find it again – it’s always on the move. The key is to keep moving, keep looking, and keep running water as fast as possible until spot that crazy creature again.

What size hook do I use for drop shot bait?

When rigging a drop shot bait through the nose I use an Owner mosquito light hook in either size 1 or 1/0. For wacky rigging a drop shot or heavier applications I use Gamakatsu TGW hooks.

What color bait should I use for drop shot?

For most of the year the best colors for drop shots will be matching what fish in your body of water typically eat. For a lot of people that will be shad colors for others it might be sunfish/bluegill colors. That is a pretty good guide for year round except for spring time. During spring one of the best colors is morning dawn. I don’t know what it is about that color but it is a killer during spring. Pick up this color for your favorite drop shot bait and give it a try.

How to use a power shot?

A power shot is a power fishing technique using a drop shot. You hook your bait texas rigged and use a baitcaster flipping stick. To fish it you flip the dropshot into lillys, toolies, reeds, any cover just like you would any other flipping bait. Let it sink, then shake it a couple times, pause, and shake it again. Reel it in and flip it to another spot. If you like to flip and pitch then you definitely want to give power shotting a try.

What is dropshotting a swimbait?

Drop-shotting a swimbait is a technique that doesn’t get talked about much but should be. It is a great way to catch suspended fish which typically are one of the hardest fish to catch. Being able to catch suspended fish puts you at a big advantage over other anglers. With technology it is getting easier and easier to find suspended fish and this technique is a great way to catch them.

How to fish drop shot?

Probably the most common way to fish a drop shot is fishing it vertical. If you have a fish finder and you come across a school of fish below you pulling out the drop shot is a great choice. This combo allows you to basically video game fish. What people mean when they refer to video game fishing is watching your fish finder for an arch (a fish) then dropping your bait and watching it fall on your fish finder. When your bait gets right in front of the fish you can shake your bait right in their face and watch them eat it. This is a phenomenal scenario when you can see fish on your electronic and put your bait right in their face.

What is a drop shot?

A drop shot is a way to suspend your bait off the bottom. A drop shot rig consists of a hook with a leader anywhere from a couple of inches to a few feet below it attached to a weight. The dropshot is a basic presentation that will catch fish no matter where you go. It is a technique that every bass angler needs to know.