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  • What are some gender reveal ideas?

  • One of the most classic gender reveal party ideas is putting a bunch of pink or blue helium balloons in a giant box. Open the box and let the balloons fly, and enjoy the pleasantly surprised expressions from your guests!

  • What gift to get for a gender reveal party?

  • Popular gender reveal party gifts work well for a boy or a girl. They can still be typical baby shower gifts such as clothing or bedding and blankets, but in a mint green or pale yellow, rather than pink or blue.

  • What does gender reveal mean?

  • A Gender Reveal occurs when a character’s true gender is revealed, either to the audience or in-universe to other characters. The gender could be hidden completely or appear to be the opposite to their true gender, revealed to the audience, or known by the audience and revealed in-universe to characters.

  • What’s the point of gender reveal parties?

  • A gender reveal party is a celebration in which soon-to-be parents reveal the sex of their baby to friends and family, or when the parents find out themselves. This event used to exist as a private tradition parents did together. However, gender reveal parties recently turned into a precursor party to the baby shower.