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  • What’s the best way to decorate a fish net?

  • Spray paint your fish net in the color of your choice. You can paint it all one color or you can spot paint it with different colors to create a mottled or muted look. Measure your fish net’s height and width. Hang five hooks over your bed, spaced out evenly. Hang them high enough so that the fish net will barely brush the floor when hung.

  • How do you hang a fishing net on the wall?

  • When hanging the hooks on the wall, be sure to space them a few inches closer together than the width of the net. Hang the net from the hooks, allowing it to drape loosely. Plug the hot glue gun in and insert the glue stick into the gun. Let the glue heat.

  • How do you secure a fishnet net to the ceiling?

  • Locate a stud if you plan on using heavy accessories. If your net needs to bear weight, use a stud finder to find the support studs in your wall or joists in your ceiling. Move the stud finder around the spots where you want to secure the net, then mark the studs’ locations with a pencil.

  • How big does a fishing net need to be?

  • Expands to approximately 5ft. x 7ft. Create the perfect seaside affair with this rustic, authentic fishing net. Hung on a wall, draped through tree branches outdoors or spread across a table, it instantly creates a nautical ambience for a themed party.