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How to cook tiger nuts?

Step 1: Place uncooked Tiger nuts into a bucket or sealable container. Step 2: Fill container with water until the Tiger nuts are completely submerged. Cover the container and let the nuts soak out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. We recommend 36 hours. Step 3: After the nuts have soaked, pour them all into a large pan for boiling.

What are tiger nuts used for fishing?

Tiger Nuts have been used by anglers for many years and are one of the most well known baits for fishing. Join experts Kev Hewitt and Bryan Jarrett as they go through a step by step guide on how to safely prepare Tiger Nuts as well as sharing their top tips on using this particle bait to great effect.

How to feed tiger nuts to carp?

A handful of Mini Tiger Nuts in a mix will give the carp a chance to eat some whole nuts, but their small size obviously will not let it get fed up. Finally, add Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut Pellets with a capacity of granules of 4mm.

What is the best type of nut for carp fishing?

The tiger nut has to be one of the all time classics that just keeps on catching, post spawning especially, the tiger nut has the pulling power like no other particle. The sugary, yeasty and creamy signals they release simply drive the carp into a feeding frenzy and, where allowed, have the ability to trip up carp when all else seems to fail.