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how to color a fishing rod blank插图

People also ask

  • What is the blank of a fishing rod?

  • The blank of a fishing rod is an extension of your hand. It is the engine of the rodbuilders, which makes us vibrate and advance in our passion. Beyond the prestigious brands that we distribute, North Fork Composites, Rainshadow, Phenix, Black Hole and many others, when you look for a blank try to reason in terms of need, tool.

  • What kind of paint to use on Rod blanks?

  • This is the method I use to paint rod blanks that create a professional looking and super durable finish. The technique is done with spray rattle cans. You will need a can of white lacquer primer; I use the stuff you get at Pep Boys, brandname Dupli Color.

  • Can you paint a fishing rod from scratch?

  • You may be painting from scratch on a blank rod or touching up paint on a rod that has faded or isn’t the color you want. We recommend painting the rod a color you will want for the long-haul. The type of environment you are in may also impact the color you want your fishing rod to be.

  • How many colors can you paint on a rod?

  • With more than 30 colors, your two tone choices are almost endless. Rod blanks that are ordered with two colors will be painted with one color approximately 1/3 up from the butt and the other color in the upper 2/3 of the blank [30:70] or [50:50].