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  • Which grease for saltwater reels?

  • Penn grease is great and works perfectly well with saltwater fishing reels and also for freshwater fishing reels (baitcaster and spinning reel). It has a blue color, which makes it easy to see where the grease has been applied. The 1 pound tube will give you enough grease for many years.

  • What’s the best saltwater spinning reel?

  • Saltwater Spinning Reel ReviewsPenn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel. The Penn Battle earned the top slot as the best spinning reel for saltwater due to the quality, looks, and name of the …KastKing Megatron Saltwater Spinning Reel. If you’re looking for a great brand name with a reel that’s approved to stand up to saltwater abuse, look no further!RUNCL Spinning Reel TITAN I. …More items…

  • What do you use to clean reels?

  • As for cleaning solutions, lighter fluid is often used to clean grime from the parts of the reel as is isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Cotton swabs are perfect for using these products on your reel.

  • What solvent to clean reel?

  • Ardent Reel Kleen Degreaser is a chemically engineered solvent developed by Ardent specifically for regular cleaning of fishing reels. The special cleaning and degreasing solvent breaks up old grease and dirt, to allow for easy cleaning of fishing reels.