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wd40.co.ukImage: wd40.co.ukHow to Clean and Oil a Fishing Reel – Deep Cleaning Step-by-StepUnscrew the cap on the reel body and remove the handle of the reel.Use cotton swab or napkin to remove the grime or old oil from the bearings.Add a drop of the reel oil to each bearing and joints on the handle.Put the handle and screw back together.

How do you put a fishing lure on your reel?

Spinning Reel Techniques for Trout FishingLine Weight. Many trout streams have clear water,so you should choose a line that is not easily visible to the trout.In-Line Spinners. Tie a 1/8- to 1/4-ounce in-line spinner to the end of the line using a Palomar knot. …Live-Bait Rig. Tie a small hook — size 10 — onto the end of the fishing line. …Fly Casting. …

What is the best lubricant for fishing reel?

Top 6 – Fishing Reel Grease and OilBest Fishing Reel OilLiberty Oil 100% Synthetic. …Best Fishing Reel GreasePenn Grease. …Grease and Oil Combo KitArdent Reel Butter Lubrication 3 Pack. …Best Reel Maintenance KitAbu Garcia Maintenance Kit. …Lubricating SprayInterflon Fin Spray. …More items…

How to clean and lubricate a fishing reel?

How to Clean and Oil a Fishing Reel – Deep Cleaning Step-by-StepUnscrew the cap on the reel body and remove the handle of the reel.Use cotton swab or napkin to remove the grime or old oil from the bearings.Add a drop of the reel oil to each bearing and joints on the handle.Put the handle and screw back together.

How do you Grease a fishing reel?

These are:Don’t use petroleum-based cleaners. Their destructive power may damage the drag system.While you lubricate the fishing reel,avoid using TFE lubricants.Use grease only at the bottom of the fishing reel.If possible,place the metal parts separately so that these don’t come in contact. Otherwise,it may damage themselves.

How to slide a spool away from a fishing reel?

To slide the spool away from the fishing reel, carefully undo the reel drag system. Then remove the spool.

How to clean a fishing reel spool?

Check the user manual and carefully use the screwdriver to open up each part of the fishing reel for thorough washing. Remove the spool with caution and put it in a secure place to clean it individually. It is necessary since cleaning the spool will require a different technique.

What to avoid when cleaning a fishing reel?

When you clean the fishing reel, there are some crucial things that you must avoid to stop damaging the reel and rod. These are: Don’t use petroleum-based cleaners. Their destructive power may damage the drag system. While you lubricate the fishing reel, avoid using TFE lubricants.

What is the most important part of a fishing rod?

Along with the fishing rod, the reel is the most crucial part of the fishing gear. Regular cleaning and effective maintenance is the key to get a long-lasting performance from the fishing reel . Before you commence the cleaning process, you must know what is essential for the fishing reel cleaning. These are.

How to lubricate a fishing reel?

For lubricating the reel, spray the agent on a cloth and then apply it instead of using it directly on the reel. It will take fewer lubricants and also won’t affect the fishing line since some reel lubricants may damage the fishing line.

How to disassemble a fishing reel?

Before you start disassembling the fishing reel, make sure everything necessary is close to you. Also, find a suitable place nearby to keep the disassembled parts of the fishing reel.

How to clean a fishing line?

Also, clean the fishing line using toothpaste and toothbrush. Gently rinse the line with the brush and, after a few moments, rinse it off.

How To Clean And Lubricate A Fishing Reel

First, you need to take the reel off and then hold the line with some tape. Give the reel a good rinse off to remove small particles, then apply a reel cleaner. Ensure you rinse all traces off the cleaner off the reel. It is important to dry completely to avoid rust from forming. Apply a good quality lubricant, and you are finished.

The Right Way To Clean Your Reel

The drag on your reel needs to be kept tight so there is no contamination of the water.

Best Way For Cleaning The Spool

Your spool needs to be cleaned too, and there is an easy process for doing this.

Take Care With The Rod

We tend to forget that sometimes our rods are put into brutal force, and we may not look after them as well as we should.


To get a good lifespan out of your fishing rod and reel, you need to carry out maintenance often and make sure you store it correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Reels

Vaseline can be used but only if you don’t have any other reel oil available to use. Vaseline will only work on the parts that you can reach. If you need to lubricate smaller parts, you will need oil to reach those spots.

What is a fishing reel?

A fishing reel is a mechanical device that basically consists of fishing line tightly wound on a spool and a system of gears and drives operated by a manual crank. All reels allow the fishing line to be cast or thrown (with a bait or lure attached to the end of the line) out toward a body of water.

Why do anglers use baitcasters?

Serious anglers prefer baitcasters because of the accurate casting that they afford along with greater distance. Baitcasting reels feature several mechanisms that allow setting precise casting adjustments according to specific types of lures and baits and fishing line weights. Certain anglers will make even the minutest of adjustments when changing from one lure to a seemingly similar one.

How does a spinning reel work?

Spinning reels utilize a system comprised of a bail arm and rotor that rotates around the spool as the angler turns the handle. As the fishing line is retrieved, the spool bobs back and forth while the bail arm and rotor spin around it, guiding the line as it is evenly wound around the spool.

How to clean a reel spool?

It may be necessary to use a degreaser to completely remove residue. Try to avoid spraying degreaser directly onto any reel components; instead, spray degreaser onto a cloth, or dip the swab end of a Q-tip into a small bowl of degreaser.

Why is my baitcaster’s spool spinning?

Furthermore, the spool also rotates when fishing line is cast, and this is what makes baitcasters very difficult to master as it takes a lot of experience to avoid fishing line backlash which occurs when the forward motion of the fishing line slows or stops, but the spool keeps spinning and continues releasing line, resulting in a tangle so extreme it is commonly referred to as a bird’s nest.

What is the most important part of a fishing rod?

The fishing reel is perhaps the most important component of a fishing rod setup as it determines the accuracy of casting and placing the bait or lure in the water and is responsible for reeling in fishing line with speed and efficiency. Today’s fishing reels are technological marvels with inner mechanisms that, with proper care and maintenance, can provide many years of reliable service.

How to retrieve line from a u-shaped lure?

When the u-shaped bail arm is flipped open , and the rod is flung forward, the weight of the lure will pull line off the spool as it moves forward. To retrieve line, the bail arm is flipped closed and the angler turns the handle.


Periodically, cleaning and lubricating your spinning reel is necessary. Whether because of frequent use, dirt accumulation of long-stay without usage,

What is super lube grease?

A patented NLGI synthetic product, Super Lube Grease is a multipurpose heavy-duty lubricant boasted with PTFE. The incorporation of PTFE micro powders and base fluids (synthetic) blends perfectly to create a premium grade lubricant which offers longer life guard against wear, friction, corrosion, and rust.

How to reassemble a reel?

Reassemble your reel in a simple reversal order of how you initially removed the individual parts, Reattach its line spool then test your reel for smooth fluid movement.

What is super lube?

Boost the productivity and lifetime of your fishing reel with the Super Lube Anti-corrosion lubricant. This product is specially formulated to serve as a typical corrosion inhibitor and a characteristic dielectric compound. It is a standard connector lube with high molecular weight.

How many times should a fishing reel spin?

Flick a finger on your fishing reel to evaluate how freely the reel spins. With just a flick, the spool should freely spin approximately eight times, and 12 times for Baitcasting reels. If it fells somewhat slow, then lubrication is indeed required.

Why remove the line spool on a fishing reel?

Remove the characteristic line spool of your fishing reel since some lubricant may weaken the monofilament making it brittle.

What is the color of a fishing reel lubricant?

And with a characteristic bright-red color, you have a simple visual clue as to where the grease is and where it ought to be.

Why does my spinning reel make a grinding sound?

The bearings of a spinning reel are responsible for keeping it turning smooth. Otherwise, it will be making a grinding sound that will indicate that it is not clean or may have already been damaged. Generally, there are specialized bearing cleaning solutions that are available in the market.

How to clean a reel with a bail?

Clean and oil the bail by opening it and applying the cleaning solvent to the connection points and line roller. Scrub lightly with a brush and wipe off with a cloth. Put a few drops of reel oil to the bail connection points, then open and close the bail to allow the oil to work its way in.

What is a fishing line spool?

The fishing line is wound around a spool that fits onto the reel. The spool itself has a specified line capacity that it can handle for every diameter of the fishing line.

What are spinning reels made of?

The spinning reel can be made out of any of the following: aluminum, magnesium or carbon fiber, stainless steel, or even plastic. Children’s fishing reels take the plastic category, while aluminum reels are also much preferred because they are lighter, more durable, and affordable.

How to grease a reel?

Assuming that the reel is already clean. Use the toothpick to apply grease to the gearing inside the reel. It is important to apply grease only to the lower set of gear teeth since putting grease on the upper set of teeth will have it all over the other parts of the reel.

How to remove old oil from bearings?

Use cotton swab or napkin to remove the grime or old oil from the bearings.

What connects a reel to a rod?

The thing that connects the reel to the rod is the foot . The foot is an elongated piece that inserts itself into the handle of the reel. The reel arm, on the other hand, protrudes from the foot and holds the rest of the reel in place.

How to get rid of sand and dirt on fishing reel?

Lastly, apply a light layer of WD-40 by spraying the solvent onto the reel and by evenly applying the solvent to the exterior of the reel. This will help repel water, sand, and dirt from your reel. Be careful not to get any WD-40 onto your fishing line.

What does it mean to keep everything on the towel?

There are many small parts to a reel and keeping everything on the towel will ensure you do not misplace anything or have any pieces roll off the table.

How to remember what order a reel is removed?

For each part that you remove from the reel, lay it down next to a strip of masking tape and then write down a number on the tape to help you remember in what order it was removed from the reel.

How to oil a fishing reel?

Before you are ready to oil your fishing reel, you will need to thoroughly clean your reel. You should do this after each fishing outing anyway, especially if you are fishing in saltwater. First, remove the reel from the fishing rod and loosen the drag as far as it will go. Second, run your reel under a sink faucet and let …

What is the most important piece of equipment for fishing?

Fishing reels are arguably the most essential piece of equipment in your fishing setup. It is vital that you provide proper maintenance and care to your fishing reel to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that it lasts a long time.

What do you need to dismantle a reel?

The main things you will need are; something to dismantle your reel with, the proper reel oil, some sort of cloth or paper towel, and access to water.

How to oil a bail?

Oil the Bail: Open the bail and using the soft-bristle toothbrush, begin to rub in a few drops of the oil onto the metal line roller. Then apply oil to the bail connection points and slowly open and close the bail many times to let the oil work into the joints. Step 4.