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ondeckby.dinga.com.auImage: ondeckby.dinga.com.auDesign ConsiderationsAction A lure’s action is how it moves in the water. …Size Bigger fish eat bigger meals. …Color and Pattern Choose a lure with the color and pattern that most accurately mimics your fish’s prey. …Buoyancy Just as different fish (and their prey) inhabit different parts of the water column,so should your lure. …

How do you put a fishing lure on your reel?

Spinning Reel Techniques for Trout FishingLine Weight. Many trout streams have clear water,so you should choose a line that is not easily visible to the trout.In-Line Spinners. Tie a 1/8- to 1/4-ounce in-line spinner to the end of the line using a Palomar knot. …Live-Bait Rig. Tie a small hook — size 10 — onto the end of the fishing line. …Fly Casting. …

What lures should I use for bass?

The Jig Is A Largemouth Bass Lure World Cage FighterLaydown trees are often hiding bass. …Brushpiles on a rocky bottom are high percentage areas for catching largemouth on jigs,in both warm and cold water. …Ledges and Drops are structure features that are frequented by largemouth in every season. …More items…

What kind of lures should you use for bass fishing?

What kind of lures should you use for bass fishing? The Jig Generally considered to be a great all around fishing option, jigs or jigging works really well to catch bass. The Crankbait Crankbaits are another great choice to keep in mind for bass fishing. The Jerkbait Ok, right off the bat, many people would say that the jerkbait is a type of …

What are the best lures for snook fishing?

Types of Artificial Lures for SnookFloating Lures for Snook. The first and the most basic type of lure for snook is the floating lure,also known as a topwater lure.Suspension Lures for Snook. The suspension lures/baits work perfectly all year round for catching snook. …Sinking Lures for Snook. The sinking lures are used to catch fish from deeper water channels. …

How To Choose Fishing Lures: 5 Different Types Of Fishing Lure For Anglers

Spoon lures are made of shell or metal. They have an oblong shape which is similar to anchovy. Thus, spoon lures are visual tricks since fish thought lures are anchovy, so they pull down their fences. In addition, spoon lures are easy to cast and retrieve because they are designed as a copy of a fleeing baitfish.

4 Advantages Of Fishing Lures

Why are fishing lures highly recommended for anglers? As there are many drawbacks, it is worth investing in a set of fishing lures due to a couple of reasons. To answer the question: “Why should we use fishing lures?” it is indispensable to analyze the benefits of using artificial fishing baits for fishing.

3 Disadvantages Of Fishing Lures

One size does not fit all. Regardless of being praised by the online press, fishing lures are less convenient than live baits in some cases. Fishing lures are not ideal for all occasions. There are several drawbacks that make buyers hesitate.

Useful Tips To Succeed In Using A Fishing Lure

Should you aim for success, you must understand some fundamental techniques while using fishing lures. Nobody wants to waste money on more expensive pieces of equipment without generating the desired outcome.


To be successful at fishing, anglers need to take advantage of fishing lures’ benefits and master tactics of actions. In addition, it is also essential to get to know fish types, locations, preferences, and hook techniques.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Whether you’re standing in the store fishing aisle looking at a wall of lures, or on your favorite lakeshore deciding what to toss, start with a few questions:

Design Considerations

Lures are designed in a couple of different ways. The first and most obvious is as a replica of fish food. These lures are built to trick fish into chowing down on a meal. Alternatively, there are reaction lures, which are designed almost to irritate a fish until it bites.

Types of Lures

Lifetimes of angling experimentation has resulted in a handful of lure styles and designs that work regularly. Note that many lures are named after the motion the angler needs to use to retrieve them.

What is the best color for fishing lures?

One thing you need to understand when choosing bait color is that the color you see is not the same color a bass or tune will see in its habitat.

What are subsurface lures?

Subsurface lures hover around the surface of the water column and imitate injured or swimming animals. These types of lures can perform a wide range of actions, such as jerking, splashing, suspending, and sliding.

Do sinking lures work?

However, you need to understand how to use them effectively for a crown catch. The quicker you retrieve it, the deeper it sinks. Some types of sinking lures come with interchangeable bibs that enable you to adjust the diving depth .

Do suspension lures float?

Suspension lures mimic baitfish and suspend midway through the water column – they never float on the water surface or sink to the base when you stop retrieving it. They can move in fast and slow motion to entice any lurking predators.

Crankbaits and Plugs

Crankbaits, which are crafted to sink below the water and wobble as a fish would when they are hauled in. Crankbaits can be hard to manage out of the water due to the multiple-hooks design. But they are quite efficient in the water. Change the pace at which you grab the lure.


Jigs are built with a proportional head on one side. On the other side, you have a hook. Jigs come decorated with a feather skirt. They are among the most common styles of fishing lures. Jigs sink quickly due to the weight. That is why; they are ideal lure choices for bottom feeders.


Spinnerbait lures are unique as they travel sideways across the water. They come in a variety of styles and shades, varying on the depth and species one wishes to catch. Spinnerbaits are equipped with a skirted hook on a side. On the other, you can find one or two metal blades that turn like propellers.


When they run through the surface, buzzbait lures swirl cause the water to vibrate the area around them. This particular lure design is effective for catching fish in places where visibility is a huge issue. Insert the correct visual features just in case the fish are attracted. You can have an innovative and effective lure in your hands.


Several spoons are built like the bottom of a tablespoon. They are crafted out of polished metal to resemble the sparkle of moving minnows and other fish. The spoons have weights that are used to reach various water levels, and various colors can help attract different types of fish.


No, this pencil is not the one you write with. Pencil baits are also known as stick baits, for obvious reasons. They are topwater lures that can be used to capture bigger fish including bass. Pencil baits have a long history in the world of hard lures, stretching way back to 1910.


Flies are a kind of fishing lure that has typically been used in fly fishing. They can also come in handy for spin fishing, due to the advancement of innovative tools. Fly fishing lures are made up of a single hook with a skirt trailing behind. Such lures are made to look like birds, reptiles, and other creatures by using furs, fabrics, or ribbon.