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How do I catch Tarpon in the Florida Keys?Sight Casting Since you can’t locate Tarpon well in deeper waters,they’re normally caught close to shore,on the flats. …Trolling While it may not be as commonly used,another fun technique to use when going after big Tarpon is trolling. …Fly Fishing For those of you who are really looking for a challenge,fly fishing for Tarpon is something you have to try. …

How to catch a tarpon?

The three most popular methods of catching Tarpon include fishing live and cut bait (cast wait), fishing artificial, and last but certainly not least, working a fly. When targeting Tarpon, the easiest and most effective method is live and or cut bait on a heavy tackle.

Can you eat tarpon in Florida?

You can compete in tarpon fishing for who can bag the largest catch. The good news for tarpons is that, despite their size, they are not good enough for eating. This means fishing for tarpons is more a sport, and they are usually released back to the water. In Florida, it is mostly compulsory to throw a tarpon fish back once hooked.

Where to fish for tarpon in the keys?

For Tarpon, I would recommend fishing around 7-mile Bridge, as it sees the most consistent bite. As far as guides as concerned, please take a look at Savage Sportfishing Florida Keys and FinnAddict Sportfishing.

What is tarpon fishing?

Tarpon fishing in Florida is hands down one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have in your angling career. The Tarpon population of the Sunshine State is impressive not just because of the number of fish, but also because of the sizes they reach. Also known as the “Silver King,” this species is well known for its acrobatics on …

Why do you flatten tarpon hooks?

Nearly all Tarpon are released, so some fishermen remove or flatten the hook barb to make the release less traumatic. While doing so will make the removal easier, you’ll lose more fish.

Where to catch tarpon in Florida?

Top Tarpon Fishing Spots in Florida 1 Upper Keys: There is a large population of Tarpon around the Channel Bridges, Tom’s Harbor, Seven Mile Bridge, and Long Key. Also, look for them on the flats. Jack Bank (near Marathon) and Buchanan Bank (near Islamorada Key) are good places as well. 2 Lower Keys: The best locations are Key West Harbor and Bahia Honda Bridge. The Marquesas Keys, since they’re uninhabited and not connected to Key West by road, have Tarpon in great numbers if you can get to them. The waters surrounding the Bahia Honda Bridge are full of fish too. 3 Boca Grande: Arguably, Boca Grande is one of the best-known Tarpon centrals in the world, and for good reason. The flats surrounding Homosassa Bay and the Crystal River are full of big Tarpon May through June. Be prepared for crowds though and hitting the water early to find your spot.

Where to find tarpon in the upper keys?

Upper Keys: There is a large population of Tarpon around the Channel Bridges, Tom’s Harbor, Seven Mile Bridge, and Long Key. Also, look for them on the flats. Jack Bank (near Marathon) and Buchanan Bank (near Islamorada Key) are good places as well.

What fish can you use as bait?

Fish like pilchards, mullet, and pinfish work great as live bait. Hook in the bait fish behind the anal fin or in front of the dorsal fin to ensure they stay alive for as long as possible. If you’re anchored, hook the bait fish on the top lip and behind the head.

What lures are good for trolling?

The lures that have proven to be effective include Gator spoons (3 ounces), Mirrolure 65M or 77M in colors 18 or 21, Rapala Magnum (in natural colors, for trolling), as well as red, black, or green plastic worms (Texas Rigged), worked close to the bottom.

What is the best way to catch tarpon?

Fly Fishing for Tarpon. If you’re up for the ultimate challenge, then fly fishing for Tarpon is for you. Battling the King on the fly is a life-altering experience that requires patience, strength, and skill. When you’re choosing your tackle, remember that the color of your fly depends on the color of the bottom.


Hello Everyone anyone have any luck catching Tarpon in Florida? I am currently level 31. I have been hunting tarpon off and on but no dice. Checked Youtube videos still nothing with those spots! Anyone know of baits or spots to try? Cause I am tired now .


I seen one caught in the chat on PS4, but the dude left right away lol. I know they are in there or that could of been a fish test for the devs. Not sure, hopefully a Developer or a Fishing planet pro can respond about the tarpon in PS4 and what to use.


I have caught a tarpon on ps4. It was at the lily pad channel and completely by surprise.


Sorry I don’t remember the details of how to catch. I didn’t know it was a big deal at the time.


I have to be honest, I see a wasted opportunity. They aren’t worth anything and require time and patience.

J.Mitchell WV

I caught one just this past Saturday. Completely by surprise. Was fishing for the uni Snook. Next cast though….43lb. uni snook. Was at number 27 on the leader board as of yesterday morning.


I have to be honest, I see a wasted opportunity. They aren’t worth anything and require time and patience.

What is a sea reed charter?

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What is the silver king fishing?

When fishing for tarpon, also known as the silver king, there are a variety of tips and techniques you can follow to improve your chance of landing a Florida tarpon.

When is it easier to catch tarpon?

Fish in darker conditions: Since tarpon have excellent vision, it’s easier to catch them at dusk, dawn or even at night. Also, overcast days improve your chances of hooking a fish.

The Floating Thickets

Fish off an old wooden dock overlooking a vast watershed area. This moderately shallow pond spills over a thick reedy jungle giving you the illusion that these dead trees, roots and vegetation are almost floating on clear water. Just imagine the splendid aquatic kingdom right below the water level, among the submerged wooden thickets.

Infinity Tunnels

What are the most mesmerizing angling locations in the Everglades? Well, it is next to impossible to choose among the intricate maze of magnificent creeks, beautiful ponds and picturesque canals. However, some spots stand out as unmatched by their beauty and angling opportunities.

Lily Pad Channel

Take your fishing tackle and make yourself comfortable on a wooden dock near this natural channel of breathtaking beauty covered in submergent juicy vegetation, hence its name – the Lily Pad Channel.

The Salty Delta

This magnificent brackish water delta right at the end of Lily Pad Channel lets you get a taste of the high seas at long last! As the morning sun dawns on the horizon, sail at full speed inhaling the invigorating cool air in greedy gulps as the fresh breeze carries a salty reminiscence of the nearby ocean.

How big do tarpons get?

On record thus far, Florida-based tarpons weigh in at 243lbs. But larger tarpon fish exist elsewhere. The largest to date is 280lbs. Females can be as big as 300lbs. They grow to 1.2m to 2.4m.

How many eggs can a tarpon lay?

This is another reason for their trophy fish status. Female tarpons can lay up to 12 million eggs at once, meaning they are in large supply. Tarpon fish use their bladder to swim.

Why are tarpons so easy to catch?

Because tarpons surface regularly, Flordia fishermen or women are more likely to make a catch. They are easy to spot when they break out from underneath the waves and make an appearance, with their silvery scales easily identifiable.

What is the silver king of the waters?

The so-called silver king of the waters, the tarpon fish is a prehistoric Megalops. Much like the ancestor of the great white shark Megalodon, Megalops is so-called because of its impressive size and the lightening-like flash its scales create.

How long can you keep a tarpon tag?

This is only permitted for one person per year.

Why is tarpon fishing in Florida?

If you battle with one for too long and it gets away, it will be exhausted and less savvy when it comes to escaping natural hunters out there. The point of tarpon fishing in Florida is to keep things humane and to release your catch.

What is the Florida Marine Research Institute doing to study tarpon?

Florida-based scientists have been studying tarpon fish more in recent years, with the Florida Marine Research Institute working on a track and release study on select specimens. They are often hunted by other fish when they are smaller, or birds.