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how to catch mad eye buffalo fishing planet插图

Try fishingwith the house behind you and casting as near to the middle (of the pond) as you can. Make sure you’re fishing during peak times (check the weather forecast) for a better chance,I caught mine around lunchtime. Make sure you start with a low drag setting. If your line keeps breaking then your drag is set too high.

Can you catch the legendary Mad-Eye Buffalo with invisible line?

Now that you’ve got some Invisible Line, try to catch the legendary Mad-Eye Buffalo! It might take you quite a few tries to reel in the heavyweight 11 lb (5 kg) Mad-Eye Buffalo without breaking the old and frail line!

How to catch the Mad-Eye Buffalo in Fortnite?

Fish out 5 bits of old backlash from the bottom of Lone Star Lake and make your own invisible line that’ll be thin and murky enough to trick into biting a sharp-sighted monster like the Mad-Eye Buffalo! Now that you’ve got some Invisible Line, try to catch the legendary Mad-Eye Buffalo!

What is a Mad-Eye Buffalo?

Mad-Eye Buffalo (Ictiobus Oculus) Considered to be a figment of some anglers’ imagination, the Mad-Eye Buffalo is nevertheless very real and is in fact a rare and extremely strange mutation of the freshwater Smallmouth Buffalo.

How to catch a voodoo fish?

Fish out 5 Shells from the bottom of White Moose Lake to create a special bait, that according to old Native American manuscripts, was used by the wise shamans of northern tribes to summon the Voodoo Fish from it’s depth!


I’ve been trying for 3 days straight now to try and catch this fish but nothing to show for it I have the backlash line I started off fishing in front of the house in to the middle of the lake and at different distances and depths, and I’ve moved all around the lake. I’ve used dough balls and semolina balls still nothing what am I doing wrong?


I know it sort of goes without saying but it is worth rechecking everything – i expect you have done all this already, but maybe check you have: the mission tracked, and all prerequisites to catch the fish have been complied with ie you just have to catch the fish left in the tracked mission notification.


In front of the house casting as close to the middle as you can should be fine, you need to use the invisible line on a Telescopic or Match rod (float) setup, try using a small hook (#8 – #2) set at max depth. Corn worked for me, but the baits your using should work as well.

What is the monster in Lesni Vila?

The Lesni Vila pond is being terrorized by a horrific fish monster - the ferocious Perch Bully! This huge Perch is relentlessly devouring all Pike it can bite its teeth into, and soon there may be none left! But to catch the monster, you’ll have to sacrifice a few more Pike – because the Perch Bully will only bite if you use Pike Fins Lure!

What is the black whisker in Sander Baggersee?

A huge fat-bellied catfish monster called the Black Whisker has been spotted in Sander Baggersee Lake! Rumor has it, this overweight mutant is so insatiable that it’ll eat anything dead or alive! To put an end to this foodsie’s nightmare, try making a special bait out of drowned mice that you can collect in aquatic shrubs not far from Southern Docks.

How much does a rainbow outlaw weigh?

Time to catch the Rainbow Outlaw weighting up to 55 lb (25 kg)! You already have enough Brown Trout Eggs to meet the high dietary standards and attract this fishy fugitive, so get some of your sturdiest tackle and prepare for a tough battle with this genetically modified monster!

How big is a voodoo shell?

Voodoo Shells. White Moose Voodoo Fish Monster. According to an old Native American legend, the Voodoo Fish weighting over 40 lb (18 kg) comes out of its abysmal hideout only when Earth and Moon are in specific alignment with Kullat Nunu, the brightest star in the Pisces constellation.

How much does a dendrofin weigh?

You did a great job fishing out that old tree bark, and now got yourself a special wooden Dendro Spoon that you can use for catching the monstrous Dendrofin! But don’t underestimate this monster’s strength based on its vegan lifestyle: the Dendrofin is one powerful beast about 13 lb (6 kg) that will stir up quite a fight! This Monster eats only in the middle of the day and night for one hour only

What is the best way to catch a cannibal eel?

You’ll have to use an artificial lure that resembles the Cannibal’s favorite prey, while making sure to harm no other Eel! Here’s a tip: try fishing near the bridge to catch the monster.

How much does a Mad Eye Buffalo weigh?

Now that you’ve got some Invisible Line, try to catch the legendary Mad-Eye Buffalo! It might take you quite a few tries to reel in the heavyweight 11 lb (5 kg) Mad-Eye Buffalo without breaking the old and frail line! The monster lives around the middle of the lake and eats mostly in the early morning or the middle of the day depending on the weather.

What color are the scales of an ogre gar?

Bright green and sparkly, the scales of a Green Ogre gar have a very unique shade of green, hardly discernible by the human eye. Just the color that has to be added to the summoning potion, according the Witching Recipe Book.

What is the root of Frankenfish?

Often used in magic rituals, the human-shaped poisonous roots of the Mandragora plant are a key ingredient in the Frankenfish summoning potion from the Witching Recipe Book. Halloween. Bunch of Mandrake Roots. Now you can add this bunch of Mandrake Roots to the summoning potion in the Witching Cauldron! Halloween.

What essence do you need to summon Frankenfish?

Ghost essence is a key component of all summoning potions. But to summon a fish monster, you need the essence of a fish ghost! And this ethereal matter taken from an actual Ghost Pike is just the thing to summon Frankenfish!

What is a dendrofin?

Dendrofin (Amia Dendronimus) this extremely fishy mutation of what used to be your ordinary Bowfin is the result of an ambush predator going vegan! After all, you are what you eat! Or so they say. At least, the Dendrofin would agree. Looks like this particular specimen swapped his ordinary carnivorous diet for genuine tree bark and now miraculously resembles an old log! Gotta hand it to the vegan diet – this powerful monster has grown to nearly 13 lb (6 kg) and is getting stronger by the day! Who cares how you look when you’re that big, right? But while sporting such a tree-like texture might be Dendrofin’s great camouflage, we sure know what kind of bait this wood-hungry monster won’t resist!

What is the magic skeleton tail?

A magic skeleton tail from a Skeleton Bluegill that was caught in one of the planetary power places! According to the Quanchkin Witch’s book, this is an important ingredient of any summoning potion.

What is a T-Rex?

Tyrannotrout (Oncorhynchus Tyrannosaurus) a.k.a the T-Rex Trout, is a carnivorous prehistoric monster of the Salmon family that has inexplicably infested the waters of one of New York’s most calm and peaceful lakes! Being a fairly small fish of under 2 lb (1 kg), a single T-Rex Trout couldn’t do much harm. Except from, maybe, biting your hand off. However, these razor-toothed flesh-hungry monsters hunt in schools and are endangering the entire population of fish in Rocky Lake! As there’s plenty of easy prey for these beasts to devour, the only way to get a Tyrannotrout’s attention is by using a special turtle-shell prehistoric lure.

How big are albino blackfish?

Although these infected fish are hardly over 0.3 kg (0.6 lb) in weight, they are rather numerous and therefore present a serious problem causing much damage to the populations of Salmon species.