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How to catch carp fish in a river?

Once you have learned how to catch carp while fishing a lake, you can try river fishing for carp using the same type of tackle, 3-way rig, and baits. The primary difference when learning how to catch carp fish in a river is to take into consideration the fact that rivers generally have stronger currents.

What is float fishing for carp?

Float fishing for carp can provide one of the most fun methods for catching these fish. Float fishing is also great for beginners, as it has many similarities to the beginner style of fishing featuring floats or bobbers to detect a fish on your line.

What attracts carp to ponds?

The salty-sweet smell and taste is a magnet for carp right across the States, whatever pond you’re fishing. Secondly, plain old bread delivers excellent results. I like this when I’m fishing ultra-light on the surface. Stale bread will float for some time. Again, the salt and sugar are a classic carp attractor.

Can you catch a carp off the surface?

Catching a carp off the surface is probably one of the most exciting and satisfying ways you can bank yourself a carp. To actually see the fish physically take your hook bait and tear off with it is an amazing thing to experience.

What Is Float Fishing?

Float fishing is very similar to the standard bobber fishing that most people have done at least once in their lives, making it a great entry into the carp fishing world.

What is the best way to catch carp?

Float fishing for carp can provide one of the most fun methods for catching these fish. Float fishing is also great for beginners, as it has many similarities to the beginner style of fishing featuring floats or bobbers to detect a fish on your line.

What type of line do you use for carp fishing?

We recommend a monofilament line for all round float fishing for carp. Reels do not need to be fancy either, unless you want something high cost and high quality, with medium-sized reels being well suited for the task.

How long should a carp rod be?

We recommend a through action rod that is anywhere from 10 to 12 feet in length for good float and line control.

How to bait a river with current?

If you’re spodding or pre-baiting an area on a river with current, throw upstream a bit forward of where your hooked bait location will sit. The current will move your bait downstream as it sinks to the bottom.

What to consider when float fishing?

Another important consideration when float fishing is to make sure you use the correct amount and type of split shot sinkers.

What does "laying on its side" mean?

Laying on its side? You have slack between your sinker on the bottom and your line. Floats disappeared? Your setup is too short and you need more line between the hook and your float.

What is the best float for carp fishing?

We think a waggler float is the way to go for carp fishing. A small bodied such as a Drennan crystal would be an excellent choice here.

What bait do you use for a snowman?

This means we generally use bait which we have in the house or with our tackle, which often means boilies or sweetcorn. Boilies are a tried and tested favourite and we like to use a couple (a larger and smaller one together in a snowman fashion) which we know works very well.

Why use hair rigs for carp?

Depending on the bait, we’ll sometimes use a hair rig for carp to increase our chances and improves the hooking. We like to keep things simple when float fishing and like to stay nimble.

What is the key part of float fishing?

A key part of float fishing in general is to stay mobile, however this is vital when fishing the margins. It is important to avoid dedicating yourself to one area. As you have light tackle you can try several decent looking areas of the margins.

How to find the depth of a marker float?

Once you have attached your marker float, cast it into the area you want to investigate. Keep the line tight and the float near to the surface with the weight. To find the depth, let out small runs of the line (we do around a foot at a time) until the lead hits the bottom.

What does gravel feel like on a fishing line?

If you find that your line is dragging you are feeling silt, gravel will feel like small taps on the line and weed will trap the lead and then release. A very good tip would be to present your float and hook above a heavily weeded area in the hope you can tempt a big fish out.

How to find the composition of the bottom of a lake?

Once your lead is on the bottom, keep the line tight and drag it across the lake bed to find the different compositions of the bottom. You can get a good feeling for all of the swims and will find what the bottom is made from, as areas which are weeded or areas with holes can be very effective fishing areas.

How to feed carp?

This can be done either via a big pole cup or a small pole pot, depending on the fish that are in the swim.

Where to catch carp in snake lake?

It makes sense to begin fishing across to the far bank on a snake lake, but I’ve found that a few early carp can actually be caught from down the middle in the deep water before the fish spook a little from bankside activity and drift to the far bank.

Is fishing fine?

Fishing fine is okay but you must balance your tackle. Small hooks and light lines will get you more bites, but your pole elastic needs to be lighter too, in order to prevent the hook pulling or the hooklink breaking.

What bait is good for carp?

It’s an excellent carp bait on every level. Just buy a tin of sweet corn kernels. The salty-sweet smell and taste is a magnet for carp right across the States, whatever pond you’re fishing.

What size reel is 5000?

A 5000 size reel is an allrounder size. It would make sense to balance it up to an allrounder size rod.

How big can a carp grow?

Carp can grow big. Like really big. It’s possible to hook a monster above 75 pounds – Woohoo. However, the average weight is more like 8 to 10 pounds.

What is the season for carp?

For some US anglers, the spring heralds the most wonderful time of the year. Carp go on the chew, ravenously devouring anything remotely edible. Carp season. For other anglers, they’re a scourge. Particularly for those that favor a pristine fishing environment, unsullied by an invasive introduced fish species.

Why are carp so good?

The reason this is so good is that carp are a notoriously gentle, timid and cautious on the bite.

Why do I like the sinker on the hook?

I like the sinker on the hook because it doesn’t spook the fish. They feel no wait as the take your bait.

What does Okuma call a reel?

For example, Okuma calls it Baitfeeder, as does Rovex. Penn calls a reel with this feature a Live Liner 3

Why do carp need to feed more?

Stronger currents mean that carp need to expend more energy to adjust themselves against the flow of the river. Since river carp expend more energy, they need to feed more frequently and tend to be found in those areas of a river where there are consistent sources of food.

What is a 3 way rig?

The 3-way rig will help keep your bait on the bottom where carp most often feed. When learning how to fish for carp in a lake, the next thing you will need to know is what type of bait to use.

What are some examples of carp fishing?

Another example of helpful carp fishing tips is to look for sections of the lake that include overhanging tree branches, weed edges, or logs.

What is the most popular freshwater fish in the U.S.?

The largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S. Learn more about how you can identify a largemouth bass, where to catch it and what bait and lures to use.

Where to place carp fishing rods?

One of the most helpful carp fishing tips for shore anglers is to place their fishing rods in special rod holders on the shoreline, called rod pods , so that the fishing lines are kept still while waiting for a bite.

Can you catch carp from shore?

If you want to learn how to catch carp, it’s important to know where you are most likely to find them.

Why weight a float rig?

The end goal is of course, weighting our float rig so that it helps present the bait on the hook in as naturally looking a presentation as is possible to the hungry fish in the swim they happen to be feeding. This is especially important with the wary carp!

What rod to use for carp?

We can of course use any rod and reel lying about in our garage to float fish for carp but an ‘all through’ action rod is the best choice as the initial run of the fish will be very powerful and this softer, more forgiving rod is probably our best choice. But again, with the many years of research and development having been done by specialist anglers and companies in this department, we can refine our approach to utilize many of the successful techniques that have been developed to increase our catch rate. It must be said though, longer rods in the 10 to 12′ range with the ‘through’ action will give you much better line and float control; you’ll find that you actually connect with the fish more often and not miss as many bites due to slack lines etc. So, to reiterate, the longer the rod, the easier it is to pick up and retrieve slack lines and thus being able to set the hook faster when a fish bites, especially on a river.

What is a work horse float rig?

The design of the float used can be changed as well as the hook size and breaking strain of the line to suit various swims but this is our ‘work horse’ rig. When fishing rivers, it is best to fish slightly over depth to take into consideration the bow in the line between the hook and the float that the current will cause.

Why is a split shot rig called a locked rig?

This rig is referred to as "locked" because after setting the depth of the float in the area we wish to fish, split shot is then placed either side of the float to lock it into position. Note: Don’t put the shots ‘skintight’ to the float, leave it a little wriggle space, say about a half inch.

How far away from the bank can you float fish for carp?

This technique is perhaps the most fun you can have when fishing for carp and arguably the most versatile, especially when fishing anywhere between the margins and 10 to 15 yards from the bank. there is nothing quite like seeing the float slip away under the surface and then see the water erupt …

What are the underwater structures that are important for float fishing?

So as usual, we’re looking for underwater structures such as weed lines, points, river mouths & feeder creeks, drop offs, rock piles etc. to find our quarry.

What does the lettering on a float mean?

For example: 2AAA, 2BB, 2AA+ etc. The lettering refers to the size of shot and the number, to how many of them are needed to properly cock the float.

Best Tips To Catch Carp

There are a lot of ways to catch carp. I have listed down some in this article and if you follow them you will surely get good results.

The Best Bait For Carp Fishing

To catch the carp, you need to choose the right bait for your fishing location. Here I am going to tell you about my best 5 types of baits for catching carp. They worked amazingly well for me and I am sure they will work for you too.


After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of where carp live and what they like to eat. You also now know some tips on how to catch them with bait that is more likely to work.

What bait do I use for surface fishing?

Usually, I will use one of 2 methods to bait up for my surface fishing: the humble but very effective catapult and a spod when fishing at greater distance.

What size hook should I use for floater fishing?

In floater fishing, presentation is paramount so I would recommend a hook size of 10 or 12 since this will give you a much better presentation …

What do you need to use when fishing at closer range?

If you are fishing at closer range, you should be using lighter floats, which means you’re going to need to strike to hook the fish when it takes your bait. Of course, this means you need to be keeping a super close eye on your hook bait at all times.

What bait to use for carp?

Finally, you could go proper old school with your bait and use a lump of bread flake torn from a crusty, un-sliced bread loaf, which was always a favorite back in the day and still works well. Bread is best used at close range to enable free offerings to be introduced easily. Be sure to conceal the hook in the bread so you don’t spook the carp.

What bait to use for swimming?

Another good, tried and tested bait is floating pellets, which are also easy to distribute into your swim as freebies. I like these simple floating pellets from Selby baits.

Why do I need polarized sunglasses?

Watching baits or floats on the surface of the lake on a bright day is difficult for your eyesight, which is why I always bring some polarised sunglasses with me. They dramatically cut down the surface reflection and glare to make it much easier to see.

Can you see bait on a float?

On the other hand, fishing at longer distances will make it nearly impossible to see your hook bait so you have to watch the float instead. The good news is that heavier floats like those used for distance fishing will aid in hooking the fish.

What Is the Best Way to Catch Crucian Carp?

Float fishing is and will always be the best and most effective way to catch crucian carp. As these are extremely careful and shy fish, using very light tackle is the key to success.

When to Fish for Crucian Carp?

Those shallow crucian venues are much warmer than deeper lakes and when it comes to crucians, the warmer the water the more active they become.

Should You Pre-Bait for Crucian Carp?

Pre-baiting, or baiting larger quantities of groundbait or loosefeed is not recommended when fishing for crucian.

Do Crucian Carp Bite at Night?

I have often experienced a lot of liners and extremely careful nibbles on my hook, but have almost never landed a crucian carp in complete darkness.

What rod to use for crucian carp?

Use a light and soft waggler rod for crucian carp. This type of rod is totally enough for the often short fight and will absorb the crucians short bursts and strong headshakes very nicely.

How to catch crucian carp?

The best way to catch crucian carp is the lift method. All you really need is a light float, an anchor weight and a small wide gape hook, baited with a few maggots, a single sweetcorn, casters, hempseed, or a soft pellet. You will find crucian in small, shallow venues with a lot of vegetation.

What is the best weather for crucian fishing?

Additionally, either slowly falling, or a stable low barometric pressure and moderate to warm air temperatures with a very slight southern or southwestern breeze will equal the perfect weather conditions for crucian fishing.