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There are many different methods that can be used to cast far in fishing planet. Some anglers use a technique called“snapping”which is where they release the line using their thumb and index finger. Others use a technique called “punching” which is where they use their palm to push the line forward.

How can I make my fishing more interesting?

As a suggestion, use lighter tackle and make your casts in places that offer cover or shade in sunny days (like lily pads) or that provide shelter to small fish or insects in overcast or rainy days (like weed beds on the bottom or reeds along the shore line).

How to master the game basics of fishing?

Let’s head over there right now to learn and master the game basics of fishing! Fish activity usually depends on the weather and time of the day. Study the Weather Forecast and bite charts, and learn to use the Fast-Forward Time function to ensure the best possible fishing conditions.

How to find a good spot for fishing?

Another way of finding a good spot is to watch for bubbles and disturbances on the water surface coming from bottom-dwelling fish as they move around in the depth below. Follow the hints and try finding such spots by noticing fish activity. Turn this into a habit, and you’ll always end up with a fantastic catch!

How far do you cast with a pear float?

An X-series pear float will add 30 – 40 ft to your cast (if I remember correctly) and even the standard pear floats will cast further than the standard bobber. And finally, the bait. I have found that a shiner on a hook will cast much further than with a fly on it. Bottom line is you got to try them for yourself! More sharing options…

What is the best way to catch walleye?

Walleye are nocturnal predators, so it’s best to use the special glow-in-the-dark night fishing tackle that you can get from the shop. Equip the night fishing silicone Shad and catch a few Walleye. Look for these fish in deep holes and nearby. Don’t forget that night fishing requires an Advanced License!

How to fish with more than one rod?

Use a Rod Stand to fish with more than one rod simultaneously. Using multiple rods at the same time allows you to explore the waterway much faster and catch way more fish!

What does the map on a tablet do?

The map on your Tablet will help you better navigate the waterway you are currently at. Also, after a successful catch you can pin the lucky spot using a Marker buoy, to know where to cast next time without hesitation.

What to do at Emerald Lake?

Head over there for a few days to explore this waterway’s marvelous possibilities. Catch some trophy Pike, conquer the ferocious Walleye at nighttime and explore the the lake’s aquatic splendour on a Kayak! But to do all of this, you’ll have to get an Advanced fishing License.

How to catch redear sunfish?

Different lures attract fish in different ways. Try using Crickets to catch a Redear Sunfish – it has a particular taste for insect baits. These fish go out to feed closer to shore, near the lily pads. You will need a Keepnet to keep your catch and sell it at the end of the day.

How to catch a sauger?

Use the narrow spoon and try catching a Sauger. These fish like to stay close to the edge of underwater holes and will eagerly bite lure on the fall or a Lift&Drop retrieve. This retrieve imitates behaviour of small fish that usually search for food close to the bottom and are an easy target for predators.

How to know if a fish is a good fishing spot?

Pay attention, and when you see fish jumping out of the water as they hunt, you’ll know that’s a great fishing spot. Another way of finding a good spot is to watch for bubbles and disturbances on the water surface coming from bottom-dwelling fish as they move around in the depth below.

Why are fish lethargic?

The high pressure that comes after the cold fronts makes fish become lethargic, meaning they won’t move as far or as near the surface. Fish are less likely to come up and feed as frequently in high pressure as they would when the pressure is lower. Warm fronts also bring ideal fishing conditions.

What baits attract fish?

Strong smelling baits (like cheese, blood, night crawlers, leeches, cutbaits etc.) can attract fish from afar, if they are placed in the right locations. Also, some lures (mostly soft plastic ones) have a built-in attractant that dissipates in the water during the retrieve, creating a "smell trace".

Why is it good to fish before a cold front?

The weather ahead of cold fronts will lead to favorable fishing conditions due to lower pressure. Because fish are so good at sensing pressure changes, they will often increase their activity in the days before a cold front moves in, creating better conditions for fishing.

What are the best conditions for fishing?

Warm fronts also bring ideal fishing conditions. Lower pressure and weaker winds will attract fish closer to the surface and liven them up for swimming longer distances. Rain can affect how well the fish bite as well. Fishing during a light rain makes casting lines less noticeable.

Why do insects fly in the rain?

Insects are also more likely to be out flying near the surface of the water during or immediately after a light rain, which will bring fish closer to the surface and make them more susceptible to being caught. Rain can also cause more organic matter to run into bodies of water and lure fish to the surface to eat.

How does weather affect fishing?

They are extremely sensitive to passing fronts and pressure changes.

Where do fish hide?

Fish tend to choose their hiding spots based on underwater structures and terrain. Any logs, rocks, any cluster of underwater vegetation, any weed beds or lily pads, any breaks in water bottom "continuity", any transition areas from muddy to sandy/rocky bottom etc. is a place where you’re likely to find some fish.

What is the best setup for trout fishing?

As for your FeatherLight setup, the 7" rod in combination with a prima reel and fluoro line is really the best setup you can get for that rod, hunting for trout. You get a nice recovery, and all in all a maxed out, nicely balanced setup. If you really need more throwing distance (which I think you don’t, at that point in leveling), it’d be best to wait for the JigWinner 270.

What reels are good for casting distance?

There are certain reels that are exceptionally good when it comes to casting distance. E.g. the Espira DoublePunch - which works pretty great on the Thora 290 or the Fenix 450 – with a brake setting of 9/12. Based on your experience with the EspiraSlim, this might be true for all the Espira reels.

Which is the thickest fish to cast?

Fluoro is the thickest and (supposedly) can’t be seen but limits your casting distance. Braid is the thinnest and you’ll get the best distances but might have trouble with shy fish. Mono is the cheapest, hard to see with good distance.

What happens to the rod when it is longer?

The longer the rod, the further it can cast

Can you determine the casting distance?

There is not really a way of determining the casting distance beforehand. You’d have to buy and equip your setup, and test it out – travelling to texas, for example. Can be quite an expensive way of optimizing, but there’s only a handful of fish / spots, where you really need the casting distance.