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  • Can you play fishing planet with a friend?

  • Yes, Fishing Planet is a multiplayer game and you can enjoy it with your friend. How to change your name or delete the Fishing Planet account? You cannot delete the account but to change the name you will be required 160 bait cons. You have to go through Settings Profile Change User Name. Where is the home storage of Fishing Planet?

  • What’s the best way to cast for distance?

  • For float rods you could try a pear shaped float for maximum distance. Using a braid line instead of a fluoro will help, too. And the reel is also significant, the Espira reels seem to cast best for me. But the ultimate goal is using some resonable gear for the fish your targeting, of course.

  • How do you outsmart fish in fishing planet?

  • In short, you have to think to outsmart the fish and experience the joy of a nice catch. Fish tend to choose their hiding spots based on underwater structures and terrain.

  • What are the components of a fishing setup?

  • At the most basic level, all fishing setups consist of three main components: the rod, reel, and line. As a general rule, the line should always be the weakest link in the setup. If your line ends up breaking, you’ll lose whatever you had attached to the end of it, as well as 3 meters of line off your spool.