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How to cast with an open faced spinning reel?

two-hand grip to cast an open face reel. 8. Face the target and point your rod tip to the area you want to cast to. 9. In one smooth motion, bring the rod back and vertically just over your head and with a forward throwing motion, release the line with your index finger as your arm is at 45 degrees or just over your shoulder.

What is the best open face spinning reel?

#1 Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel3x Pickup SystemCeramic line guide9 bearingsRating: 4.6 /5.0

How to spool line on an open face reel?

Run some line from the filler spool to the reel down through the three or four rod guides in front of the reel.Make sure either (1) your bail is open or (2) you thread the line under the bail arm if you keep it closed.Put a loop of line around your spool.Tie your line securely on the reel using one of the following: Arbor knot (preferred)Uni-knotMore items…

How to put fishing line on an open face reel?

To put a new line on your open face reel or spinning reel correctly,follow these steps:Remove any old line from your reel. Remove any bits and pieces attached to the reel. …Select the right line for your spinning reel. Check line capacity on your spinning reel,usually given in lb/yards format. …Open the bail by flipping the arm. …Attach the new line to your reel. …More items…

What reel should I use for a fishing combo set?

If you don’t know much about fishing yourself then I would suggest going with a spincast reel. Anybody can learn to do it in a day. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to learn many things.

Why doesn’t my face reel get hung?

Most people think that closed face reel doesn’t get hung because the line is contained within the spindle inside of a cylindrical box. However, that could be no further from the truth. if your line is allowing enough Slack or gets wet or has dirt in it it could easily cause problems for you.

Why use an open face reel?

Why Use Open Face Reel. Spinning reels or of a different breed. When the line is exposed you do have to deal with casting skills. A+ is the fact that you can use thicker lines to catch bigger fish. You’re also able to cast further because the enclosure isn’t there to impede the line naturally falling off the spindle.

What is closed face reel?

Closed face reels almost completely different than open face reels. They rotate the spool at a different angle and different direction. It will take more practice to learn how to use them as well.

What type of reel do you use for surf fishing?

If you are ocean fishing with a surf fishing rod, you are using an open face reel. All surf fishing rods use open face reels. the way you cast these are a little different than normal.

How to catch fish in the waves?

Stand at the Edge of the wave line or go up to your waist in water - If you are trying to catch fish in the waves then you want to stand at the water’s edge . If you are going after fishing way behind that you will have to go deeper in the water.

How far back do you take a lure?

You will take the back 180+ degrees to get the biggest variance – This angle will provide you a full overhead swing that will allow you to cast over the waves and go further using the weight of the lure

What happens if you don’t spool your spinning reel?

If you fail to spool the spinning reel properly, twists and tangles will cause a lot of problems to you when you are fishing.

Why is it important to use a spinning reel?

All you need to do is to disassemble the spinning reel and clean the components with the use of the right cleaning solution.

How long do you have to reel in a fishing rod?

You have to reel in the line until you have about six inches of fishing line hanging at the end part of the rod. The fishing line at the end will be very important when you cast the reel. It will support the weight of the lure to make sure that it would go exactly on the spot that you want it to be. Turn the handle slowly and make sure that the line roller is located under your index finger.

How to get a lure to bend backwards?

After pointing the rod onto your target, you have to lift it up slowly and bring it to a vertical position. Let the tip of the rod to flex backward. The lure is heavy, so once the rod is put to a vertical position, the tip of the rod will automatically bend backward.

How much weight do you need for a spinning reel?

For spinning reels, you can get a line with a weight of about 10 pounds. This can provide the required flexibility when catching fish. In addition, this will also make sure that the line will not break while you are using the fishing rod.

Which is better for fishing: baitcaster or reel?

If you plan to get a bigger fish, a baitcaster is a much better choice because it is made specifically for that. Before you buy a fishing reel, you should start by looking at the fish that you want to catch. You should research on the place where you plan to start fishing as well as the fish varieties that you can get from that area.

What finger do you use to hold a line?

Since your index finger is free, you have to use it to hold the line. Do this to make sure that you can cast the line properly and that it won’t mess up the line at the end.

Equipments You Need

Research your choices and choose one that best suits your needs before purchasing a spinning reel. It depends on the weight, height, and drag system. They are made of aluminum and graphite.

Parts Of Your Equipment

The reel and the rod are the two most crucial pieces of fishing equipment. Each of these will have its own set of components.

How To Cast It?

The spinning reel differs from a closed-face reel in that you must spool it before using it. It is one of the factors that make using this reel a bit difficult.


One of the benefits of using an Open Face Reel is how flexible it is. These reels work with both artificial and live bait. Since open face reels only need you to pull the line’s weight, they’re ideal for light tackle and bait.

Tips on How to Use an Open Face Reel and Rod

This tip may seem amusing at first, but it is right. The best advice is always provided by those who have gone before you. It can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re a beginner angler. Get the opinion of someone who has been fishing for a long time and is well aware of open face reels.


There are so many reels to choose from that it can be confusing, even for experienced anglers. Because of the numerous benefits, open face reels are a good option.

How far should a reel be from a rod tip?

Reel in the line. Reel the line in until your bait or lure is 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from the rod tip. If you have a sinker or bobber attached to the line, it should be 6 to 12 inches from the rod tip instead. Hold the reel properly.

What is the most important thing to know when choosing a baitcasting reel?

But the most important thing when choosing a baitcasting reel is to pick one that feels good in your hand and fits your fishing needs.

Why do you need a baitcasting reel?

You need a baitcasting reel for the best experience. It will help you to catch heavy catches during casts.

How to control the flow of a cast?

You may want to rest your thumb at a slight angle on the spool instead of pressing the very flat of it on the line. This will give you more control over the flow of the line during the cast.

Why is it important to avoid brush when casting?

It’s important to avoid heavy brush or your lure may get stuck when you bring the rod forward to cast. If this happens, the entire spool of line can get tangled (called a bird’s nest) and destroyed.

What hand to use for baitcasting?

If you are casting with a long-handled baitcasting rod of the kind used in saltwater fishing, you’ll want to use your opposite hand as a fulcrum from which to pivot the rod as you cast.

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What is the best reel for fishing?

Reels come in three types. The “closed–face” push-button reel has a covering over the line and is usually best for beginners. The second type of spinning reel is the “bait-casting reel,” which requires a skilled angler to use. The third type of spin-cast reel is the “open face” spinning reel, which is the most common reel used by anglers.

What is drag adjustment on a fishing reel?

Drag Adjustment – Drag adjustment is a button on the front of the spinning reel that can easily be adjusted by the angler to increase or decrease the amount of friction, or drag, on a line . The drag adjustment also prevents fish, especially bass and large trout, from pulling your line further out into the water.

What is a reel body?

Reel Body – The reel body or frame holds all the reel’s parts together. In most spinning reels, the body is made up of the support arm, foot and gearbox housing. Most reels are made out of graphite, aluminum or plastic.

How do reels work?

THE PARTS OF A SPINNING REEL AND THEIR FUNCTION Reel Foot – The reel foot is attached to the rod on the reel seat and connects the rod to the reel. It is important that your reel fits your rod and that the reel foot is secured correctly, so both parts stay firmly together. You do not want your reel coming off the reel seat of the rod after a cast. Reel Handle – The reel handle is rotated in a forward motion by the free hand to retrieve the line back to the rod after the cast. Most handles can be switched to either the right- or the left-hand side, depending on the angler’s dominant hand.

How to practice casting with a hook?

Remember: ? Never practice casting with a hook tied to the end of your line. ? Use a casting plug or a small sinker attached to the end of your line to practice. ? Practice looking behind you and both sides before every cast; you do not want to hook someone when the time comes for you to cast out in the water.

How many fingers do you need to hold a rod?

Most anglers prefer holding the rod with two fingers in front of the reel foot and two fingers behind while always leaving the index finger for the line. a. If your grip feels better and more balanced between other fingers, that is fine. Children can grip the rod with all four fingers in front of the reel foot.

What to do if no line comes out on a lure?

As soon as the lure/bait hits the target area, use your non–dominant hand to close the bail quickly. Now you can transfer your free hand to the reel handle and start reeling in the line if using a lure or keep the line tight if using bait.

What Is a Closed Face Fishing Reel?

Instead, the fishing line is enclosed inside the nose cone of the reel and has a hole in it that allows the line to pass through.

What is the difference between spincast and open face fishing reels?

One area where we can see a significant difference between the two types of rods is in quality. Without a doubt, the quality of open face fishing reels tends to be much more robust. Indeed, inferior quality is perhaps the biggest downfall of spincast reels, which is often reflected in the price.

What is backlash on a spinning reel?

While this typically happens on a baitcasting reel, it’s also possible on a spinning reel. The result of backlash is a tangled line that you have to spend precious fishing time fixing.

Why are closed face reels good?

Because you have to use small spools that also have low line capacity, closed face reels suffer from a decided lack of flexibility. They’re good for a select few things, which is catching small fish in one area. The main versatility issue with closed face reels is that they have low hauling power.

What is an open face reel?

On open face reels, the reel is mounted below the rod. Typically, the handle locks, which keeps the line from spinning backward and coming off the spool. Additionally, they generally include a wire bail that you can use for distance casting.

Why is it important to cast longer distances?

Being able to cast longer distances is a crucial factor in being able to catch bigger fish. Not all rods are created equal when it comes to casting distance.

Is spincast reel easy to use?

On the other hand, casting requires a bit more finesse when using an open face fishing reel. However, most experienced anglers say that once you get the hang of using them, open face fishing reels are pretty easy to use. Some novices even prefer to learn …