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How to Build a Portable Ice Fishing ShelterStep 1: Build Frame Cut the 2 x 4 lumber into four foot sections. You will need to have eight of them. Build two… Step 2: Build Sides of Ice Fishing Shelter With the top and bottom frames built,you can start on the sides. Cut four 2… Step 3: Put Top …

How to build an ice fishing house?

You will need the following tools to build an ice fishing house: You’ve got your supplies, you roughed out the shape, and now it’s time to build. Build the base using wood boards and plywood. The boards should be laid sideways rather than flat. Place the outside top boards first, saw them off, and then attach the outside side boards.

What should I look for when buying an ice house?

Your trailer floor will most likely be made out of bare wood. As you enter the ice house, you will be dragging in snow on your boots. There will be plenty of water getting on the floor as you pull fish out, or scoop slush out of your holes. For this reason, you will want to protect your floor with some kind of waterproof paint.

How do you guys keep your ice house looking fresh?

If your ice house gets a lot of use, you may need to freshen it up with a new coat each year. I put three holes in the floor because there will be three people fishing in here. I might add a fourth hole so I can have my underwater camera and fish finder in a separate hole.

How do you build an ice shack?

Drill pilot holes through the bottom plates and insert 3 1/2″ screws into the floor. Build the front wall from 22 lumber. Drill pilot holes through the plates and insert 2 1/2″ screws into the studs. Make sure the corners are square and adjust the size of the door opening to suit your needs. Fit 22 supports to the back of the ice shack.

How to measure for tarp for fishing holes?

Run your string or cloth tape measure along the edges of your walls from a bottom corner along the perimeter back down to the opposite bottom corner. Now, with that measurement in hand, add 2 feet to the total length. Why add two feet? This will leave extra tarp that will lay on the ice which can then be banked up with snow or slush to keep the wind from traveling underneath the tarp. Don’t skimp in this area or you might find your fishing holes constantly freezing over.

How to make a shelter arch?

The easiest way to make a nice arch for the top of the shelter is through the simple act of using a pencil on a string. Confused? No problem. First find the center of your plywood from the 4 foot end. Make a mark at two feet. Now move 6 feet higher on the sheet of plywood and make that same 2 foot center mark. This will be the very top of your arch measurement. Now, grab a pencil and tie a length of string to one end. The length of the string will determine the curve to your arch. A shorter string will create more of a curve and a longer string a less curve. This is your choice of preference but we recommend making the travel of the arch pronounced enough that snow will not be able to collect on the roof.

How long does it take to paint a shelter?

This project should take about 2 hours for the basic model with no additions.We rated the skill level as 3 stars simply because power tools are involved. If you were to include the optional doorway window and skis we would suggest adding another hour to the project. If you plan to paint your shelter also add another hour or more depending on drying time in between coats of paint.

Where should I place support brackets?

You should situate these support brackets near the bottom of your arch for optimal placement. I decided a second set of brackets would further enhance the structure if placed near the floor. This required a second set of 2 x 2’s. In hindsight, this did accomplish the intention but added two extra elements to handle and, most shelters I saw that were built afterward only used on set of supports and faired just as well. Hey, it’s a personal choice and you build it the way you want. That’s part of the fun.

What is included in a furnace kit?

They just slide over each other. It also comes with a thermostat, a 90 degree brass fitting for the propane hose, and two metal rings to attach duct piping to. Now you need to decide where to install it.

How much plywood do I need for a ceiling?

For the ceiling, I used 1/4 inch plywood. The metal frame has cross members spaced two feet apart. The plywood is four feet wide so it fit well. Just make sure the two ends of the plywood join up in the middle of the metal cross members.

What size window do I need for a trailer?

When this trailer is closed up, it is very dark inside, so we need to let in some light. For this, we will install a 18×42 inch window. This is a tinted window made for cargo trailers. The one I got is made by Redneck Trailer Supplies. You can also get a similar window on Amazon

How to secure propane tank to trailer?

To secure the propane, I attached to rings to the front angled walls. These were spare parts I found in my shop. The 30 lb propane tank fit nicely tucked into the “V” of the trailer. Then I used a ratchet strap to snug it down.

What size trailer do I need for an ice house?

If you are going to follow along with the build I did, then you will need a trailer with a “V” front. This gives us an extra 28 inches of space and is where I installed all the important stuff to turn this trailer into an ice house.

How much does a hole cover cost?

You will need to purchase these hole covers to frame out the hole you cut and to be able to cover them when not in use. They will run you $16 each.

How much does it cost to build an ice castle?

You will need to spend around $12,000 to get a basic one, or upwards of $40,000 for one that’s top of the line.

What is a door in a skid ice house?

Door- In the skid ice house, the door is the vital object that ensures higher protection and advantages by stiffness and sustainability. These qualified doors have to construct from higher-quality durable boards and sheets to provide secure protection.

What is an ice house?

Ice houses are essential objects for those anglers who are used to fishing on the ice surface. Usually, ice houses work as mini shelters that contain anglers’ needed accessories on their insides like food, suit, medicine, firewood, fishing rod or reels, and other fishing equipment.

What is the best material for skid ice house?

Roof- The steel and polymer sheets are perfect for the skid ice house that can perform better durability and flexibility by their activity and superior performance. When you have collected the roof boards and steel sheets by the shape of a skid house.

What is an ice fishing house?

The ice fishing house is a mini portable object which can take anywhere for fishing with anglers. It is easily bearable by its size, measurement, and lower weight.

How many windows are needed for a skid ice house?

Window- The skid ice house must have contained one or two windows for its inside air circulation and outside visibility. These windows can keep the internal space dry, mold, and moist-free by a perfect air circulation, which will provide proper oxygen for the insider fishermen. The ice skid houses have no gap or ventilator by its construction policy and design from which the air can circulate.

How do anglers protect themselves?

In the remote areas, there is a fear of pirates and wild animals which both can attack the anglers. In that situation, the anglers can protect themselves by keeping them inside of the house. The qualified strong door can help them to survive in any worst condition.

How many anglers can you have in a house?

You have to ensure a minimum space in the house that can comfortably contain 2 or 3 anglers with fishing equipment. The doors and windows must have to measured by accurate size. Be careful when you’re attempting to cut the boards and woods with sharp saws and cutters, this operation can be dangerous for your fingers and hands. These works are suitable for professionals.


I was trying to search for it but couldn’t find it anyone have the thread where the guy made a portable canvas spear house and he showed each step he did. I thought it was 2 years ago dont remember.


I’d be interested in seeing this too. Years ago I used a buddies spearhouse in which all 4 walls and the roof and floor bolted together. He could haul out and put together a piece at a time if snow depth conditions prevented whole house moving.


i know i can search the internet i already did but i was looking for a specific build that a guy showed on here where he made a protable canvas house.

Key Components of an Ice Fishing House

An ice fishing house, otherwise known as an ice shack, ice shanty, fish house, or ice-fishing shed, is used to shield ice fishers from harsh weather conditions in winter. No matter what type of design you choose, there are some key components you need to include for it to be practical and useful.

Prepare the Area

Regardless of how fancy you go, you need to rough out the basic layout before you break out the hammer and nails.

Start Building

You’ve got your supplies, you roughed out the shape, and now it’s time to build.

Other Types of Ice Houses

Don’t want to build an entire ice fishing house yourself? There are other options to help keep yu warm and protected while fishing.

Things to Remember

Every time you build something from scratch, there are always unexpected challenges that arise, such as loose screws. To avoid any sudden construction disasters, you should always keep a toolbox in your ice fishing house. You can always build additions to your ice fishing house down the road, as well.