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Let’s begin the DIY fishing lights shrimping light buildGlue on 1 end capConstruct center light support,grind down angular corners on outside bushings making outside roundRyan herco clear PVC has a blue hue to it,but does not appear to affect brightnessYou can click on these thumbnail pics to see larger size

How to build DIY fishing lights&shrimping lights?

Let’s begin the DIY fishing lights shrimping light build 1 Glue on 1 end cap 2 Construct center light support, grind down angular corners on outside bushings making outside round 3 Ryan herco clear PVC has a blue hue to it, but does not appear to affect brightness 4 You can click on these thumbnail pics to see larger size

What color light do you use for ice fishing?

We use a white blob fishing light for our ice fishing and it really lights up the light. Great for fishing and for just watching. Red fish and gar every night! Here’s my light. Red fish and gar always show up. That and a ton of minnows!

How do I add LED strip light to the inner pipe?

Here I add the LED strip light to the inner pipe. I put some tape to mark the visible area on the inner pipe. Here is a shot of the LED light strip. Click on thumbnail pics to enlarge. The LED light strip comes backed with a peel and stick backing.

How do you back up LED light strips?

The LED light strip comes backed with a peel and stick backing. Here is a shot with the LED light strip installed and attached to as 12v power source. Here I drilled a hole for the wire to pass through. Although I don’t show it here, I did use 3M 5200 marine sealant through this penetration to seal it water tight.

Step 2

Take 1" pipe cap , 6" – 1" PVC pipe and 1" to 3/4" coupling and glue together with PVC Glue. I add a few old cast net weight inside the 1" PVC to help sink this light.

Step 3

glue in 3/4" PVC pipe to 3/4" to 1" coupling and star wrapping the LED lights around the 3/4" PVC. You can make the light as long as you want. i made 2 lights with 5 meters of LED strip.
add a light super glue to the end to make sure it doesn’t come undone.

Step 5

no comes the hard part. take other 3/4-1" PVC coupling and put it on the other end of the 3/4" pipe. no glue… Then measure how long you need to cut the T12 Protector. The 1" part of the 3/4-1" PVC coupling will barely fit inside the T12 Protector. I glued the T12 to the one end and let it dry.

Step 6

Drill hole in 1 1/4" PVC end cap for wires. tie not in wire so you don’t pull them back out. Connect wires to Led Strip Silicon everything up real good and glue the 1 1/4" PVC cap on the coupling.

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Florida Statute declares any mono-filament netting used in fishing (cast nets and landing and dip nets exempt) are illegal. They must be made of nylon, cotton or polypropylene. See LAW CHANGES on the menu for more details. This affects the sport of shrimping.

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Simply an inspired project

Recently I was inspired by one eBay item – a submersible fishing light that shines a bright green light directly into the water. A brief inspection of the electronics told me that I too can make such a fishing light at home but using inexpensive and commonly available electronics parts and some other cheapo accessories.

More on the build process

At this time you can find out how I made the first model of my fishing light attractor. First of all note that after a little further research and experimentation I determined to build a low budget model with a water-sensor switch that senses the presence of water and automatically powers the light source once water is detected.

Enclosure & Daydreams

Nowadays transparent polycarbonate tubes in various diameters and wall thicknesses are easily available at reasonable prices. You can order impact resistant polycarbonate tubes per piece in webshops (look below). And then, build a compact waterproof enclosure as per your individual requirement and taste – hope you’ve an artistic mind!

Next things to do

My next plan is to replace the green LED light head with a multicolor LED light head so that the operator can remotely change its color and intensity through the connection cable. It’s worth noting that, at sea, the color spectrum dissipates underwater of approximately:

How do I Mount the lights?

There are a lot of different ways to attach the PVC rig to your boat, but the two most popular ways is by vertically mounting multiple COBs using our adjustable AlumiGlo Aluminum Mounting Bracket, or by making a PVC claw hook which attaches to an existing cleat. Since cleats come in all sizes and shapes, you will have to make one to fit the cleat on your boat using a 1.25” PVC “T” like shown below. Both methods work well and will allow the rig to be easily removed from the boat, but the PVC cleat mount is a rigid mount and will not allow the lights to be rotated, raised or lowered.

What is a flounderpro light?

Our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 3000 light is a 3 ft. long bar light which was has been popular for many years for illuminating the water in front of the boat. The light is available with or without PVC mounting brackets which make it easy to attach the light to your custom made rig. Bar lights are directional lights and are designed to illuminate everything in front of your boat. However, if you gig off the front sides of the boat, you will have to add additional lights to cover the front corners of the boat. This light is for below water use only.

Can you use a flounderpro 5000 above water?

Our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 5000 light is a round flood light which can be used both above water or below water. The light comes with a PVC mounting bracket which allows you to easily attach the light to your custom built rig for underwater applications as well as an aluminum mounting bracket used for above water applications. Since the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 5000 can be mounted to your PVC rig using the included PVC bracket, the light can be positioned in any angle allowing you to focus the light just where you need it.

Can you use alumiglio for gigging?

If you want to save a couple dollars you can build own handheld gigging light using our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 (30W COB) or the smaller AlumiGlo FlounderPro 1550 (15W COB) and your own PVC. We recommend using our waterproof cords with S4 connections to complete your rigs. All parts can be found on our Parts and Accessories page.

Why does a metal halide bulb explode?

The metal halide bulb will explode if water hits it. The outer glass envelope runs much hotter due to the metal arc tube.

How often should I clean an enclossd light bulb?

I bet the enclossd lamps are more durable but must be pulled up to be cleaned every couple days, as with LED. An exposed bulb cleans itself from its own heat and can stay down until it goes out.

Does HPS burn WST?

Also, I am not having any luck with pulse start HPS, only probe start MH and HgV. HPS does burn wst if I let it fire dry, tlen put it in.

Is a bare bulb waterproof?

Yeah I’ve seen these before.. Their effects are pretty cool. The bare bulb IS actually submerged in water. It uses a socket with a silicone sleeve that seals up against the bulb taper to make the electrical connection waterproof.

Is water a thermal conduction medium?

The water acts as a thermal conduction medium, keeping the outer bulb much cooler than if it were in free air. Honestly I don’t see why one type would be encapsulated and the other not, other than differences between manufacturers, probably just with physical protection for the bulb (against impact breakage) in mind.

Do you know how bright 15,000 lumens is?

The first said that 20 feet would maximize the power of your blob’s illumination. Have you ever heard of light refraction? This is a fancy way of saying that light travels through water differently than how it travels through air. You can see this at the surface level as moonlight ripples across the lake.

What kind of game fish are you after?

We’ve already talked about this to some small extent here, but to go just a bit deeper we want to dive into some deeper waters, pun intended.

How many lumens does a green blob have?

We built our green blobs with a minimum brightness of 15,000 lumens.

What happens when you drop a green light?

When you drop a green fishing light, it starts attracting zooplankton almost immediately. They’ll come in swarms, which in turn will lead to baitfish showing up in droves. After a little while of this activity going on, the desired game fish will also start to show up.

What is the equivalent of putting your hand over the top of a bright flashlight?

The closer your blob is to the surface is the equivalent of putting your hand over the top of a bright flashlight.

How deep should a green light sink?

Typically, you should let your green fishing light sink to a depth of 20 feet . While this can vary, and we’ll talk more about why that is, there are several simple reasons why this is a good, average depth. A depth of 20 feet will maximize the power of your blob’s illumination, give space to get the food chain going, and and help determine the kind of fish you catch.

What aquatic life sits at the bottom of the food chain?

First, raise your hand if you know what aquatic life sits at the bottom of the food chain. If you said zooplankton, you’re right! Zooplankton are almost microscopic organisms that are the primary food source for baitfish — minnows and other smaller fish.

How deep can a blob be submerged?

Entirely self-weighted, the Blob can be effortlessly submerged at the desired depth where the tubular design will emit 360 degrees of light for a supreme level of radiance.

What will swarm the Blob’s glow?

A hurricane of baitfish will swarm the Blob’s glow in search of plankton while hungry predators strike from the shadows, sparking a breathtaking display of predator-prey interactions.

How many feet of cable is in a blob?

Each Blob includes 30 feet of heavy duty, UV rated and insulated 16 gauge cable that is built to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions.

Where are green blob lights made?

Handmade in the USA, the Green Blob Family of High-Powered LED Underwater Fishing Lights are designed to attract the largest of large game fish for an enhanced and unparalleled nighttime fishing experience.

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