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How to set up new fishing rod?

Setting Up a Fishing Rod for Beginners (Step by Step)Clean the Equipment: If your equipment is brand new,you can skip this part. …Attach the Rod: There are multiple kinds of rods; some rods come in a single piece,whereas some come in multiple pieces; there are even retractable rods.Attach the Reel: Next up,you’ll have to attach the reel to your fishing rod. …More items…

How do you build a fishing rod?

Get a sturdy stick you are sure won’t break easily. …Use the knife to remove any leaves and the bark. …If the stick is sturdy enough,you won’t have to dry it. …Tie one end of your monofilament fishing line to the base of the stick. …Attach your hook,sinker,and float securely to the fishing line. …

How to put a fishing line on your rod?

The handle is also called a grip and is where you hold the rod.The butt it the thick part of your rod closest to the handle. …Guides are the rings that go all along the rod that guide your fishing line.

How to put a new line on a fishing rod?

Method 3 Method 3 of 3: Spooling Line for a Fly Fishing ReelPurchase backing and fishing line from a supply store. Fly fishing line uses at least 2 different types of line.Knot the backing line to your reel. Wrap the end of the backing line around the groove in the spool.Feed the line in the same direction the reel spins. …Ask someone to help you spool the line. …Spool the backing onto the reel. …More items…

How long does epoxy glue cure on thread wrap?

A light coat of epoxy glue is placed on the thread wrap and allowed to cure for 24 hours while slowly rotating the blank to assure no runs occur from the epoxy. Marks will use two to three coats of thread wrap epoxy to assure the wraps and guide feet are sealed and impervious to the external environment.

How to attach guides to a rod?

The guides are attached temporarily using rubber bands cut from silicone tubing (some builders use masking tape for this step). The thread of your color choice is then used to wrap and hold the guides to their designated place. Again, the guides need to be straight and all in-line on the blank. Before the epoxy is applied, the guides can be moved ever so slightly to assure they are perfectly in line. Tom uses the recommended placement of guides from “Mud Hole,” an online supply company of custom rod building kits.

Why do you need a backbone on a fishing rod?

The backbone allows the guides to be placed to provide the greatest rod strength for the blank itself, so the rod will not break when a big fish is on the line. This improves the balance and performance of the rod, also ensuring straighter casts.”

How long does it take to make a rattlesnake rod?

“I use a power-winder to turn the blank and place the thread on for each guide, though it’s a time-consuming process. It takes from 6-7 hours to place the components (precision alignment), add the handle glue, sand and place the guides, add the thread wraps, tip-top and epoxy coat the final product,” stated Marks.

How to find a spline in a rod?

The spline of the rod is found by bending it and watching for “hop” or listening for a slight sound crack.

How much does a custom fishing rod cost?

Prices of a custom fishing rod kit can range from $50 and go up to several hundred, depending on the quality of the rod blank, quality and type of guides, and personalized artwork. Turnkey rod kits can be purchased from Mud Hole direct. The finished custom rod is a function of time and materials…and skill. Every builder values his time, and time has a value. If it takes 2 hours or 10 hours, you add that on at the end. Do it yourself? Yes, you can save a lot of money, but it just might not be the same.

What are the advantages of custom rods?

Other advantages of a custom-built rod become obvious when you use that rod. Accuracy in casting, heightened sensitivity, best overall performance, including matched balance for rod weight and reel weight, and simple enjoyment.

Why Build a Fishing Rod?

You can build your own fishing rod to your exact specifications and feel from ultralight trout rods to extra heavy boat rods or tuna sticks. It is 100% up to you.

How to wrap a reel guide?

Make sure it is aligned to the spline. Install the upper rod handle similar to the lower one. Begin marking and wrapping the guides. It is best to use masking tape initially to space and place the guides before wrapping them. Make sure you align the guides perfectly straight with the reel seat and along the spline.

What is the new advanced rod building book?

The New Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale P. Clemens is the “go to” guide for rod building enthusiasts. It covers the various techniques for selecting and assembling reel seats, handles, guide wrapping and finishing. There is a section detailing the diverse types of decorative diamond wraps including: mylar-accented, transparent mylar, diamonds with trim threads (my favorite), alternating diamonds, solid line diamonds, lattice diamonds, split center diamonds, double diamonds, double chevrons, diamonds surrounding diamonds, and many more. This book was published a while back, so there are even newer designs like decals and rod building tools available on the Internet.

What finish to use for threads?

Finalize the threads with epoxy thread finish (such as Flexcoat) . Take your time here. A drip or bubble in the coating will require some rework.

What is Dale’s custom rod thread art?

Dale also wrote Custom Rod Thread Art which is targeted for more advanced techniques for designing customization and character to your rods.

Why is rod building fun?

Rod building can be fun and an effective way to build creativity and design capabilities. It can also become a habit. When I was in high school, I was building and repairing so many rods for myself and others that I overworked my shoulders and had to take some time off to recover.

What is a double footed guide?

For lighter rods, guides with single feet have minimal impact on fishing action. Double footed guides are stronger and make the action a bit stiffer. Guides for wire line or larger fish have multiple rollers that are cushioned with bearings.

Do custom rods have warranty?

With that being said, you pay a little more for the build and components of the custom rod, not for an extended warranty. Stock rods are built in bulk and can be prorated at cost, unlike one-of-a-kind custom rods.

Can you refund Trey rods?

This is a one of a kind creation that is designed by you and built for you, therefore, there is no refund or exchange available on custom rods. Trey guarantees you will love the look and the feel will be more amazing than any of your stock rods.

Can you make a rod unique?

Yes, absolutely, we want to make your rod as unique as possible. There will be an up charge but we will contact you prior to proceeding with your build for approval and clarification.

Can you ship a rod before the date?

We will most likely ship your rod before the date you expect your rod, however in some cases, if we are out of certain components or blanks, your rod build will be delayed .