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Bucktail jigs,spinners and live baitare among some of the best bait for bottom fishing. The dragging motion causes the lure to bounce along,stirring up small clouds of sand or mud. After a few strikes with bottom bouncing,you can stop moving if in or near a river or drop anchor if fishing from a drifting or trolling boat.

How to fish bottom fishing?

Before you start bottom fishing, remember that all bottom fishing rigs need to include a weight or sinker on the line, rigged below your hook to get your bait down to the bottom and keep it there (try using a 3-way rig ) If you rig your weight above your bait in strong current the bait will drift back the distance between the two.

How do you catch fish on a boat?

Learn how to register your vessel, boating laws and more. Some fish, like salmon, are often found on or near the bottom, so the best way to catch them is to put your bait down there as well. This is called bottom fishing.

How can I make my fishing more interesting?

As a suggestion, use lighter tackle and make your casts in places that offer cover or shade in sunny days (like lily pads) or that provide shelter to small fish or insects in overcast or rainy days (like weed beds on the bottom or reeds along the shore line).

What is the best line combination for deep sea bottom fishing?

One of the most common line combos for deep sea bottom fishing is a braided mainline coupled with a fluoro leader. This combination provides ample line strength, but also preserves stealth and precision. When it comes to bottom fishing hooks, circle hooks tend to work best, especially if you’re going after large game fish.


can someone please help me setup rig to bottom fish.Everytime I try it doesn’t work.Thank You


Need a little more information 24gregelo. What level are you? Which Lake?


Get a rod and reel of similar Line Weight and Max Drag (if you can’t get them the same then have the rod as the weaker of the two, its cheaper to repair).
Use a line with the highest Test value you can, but still under the rod and reel’s Line Weight and Max Drag (the line should be the first thing to break).


Don’t forget the Leader (as close to the fishing line Test as possible).

Where to Bottom Fish?

Anglers often say that the ocean floor is a giant desert with beacons of life scattered about. Whether you like the metaphor or not, these isolated spots do exist, and they attract an astonishing number of sea creatures. Here, fish gather around underwater structure, looking for shelter, or for something to eat.

Why do bottom fish angling from piers?

There are two reasons for this. Number one, you’re presenting your bait vertically. Instead of making long casts, you want to simply lower your rig to the spot you want.

What is a sinker for fishing?

Sinkers. A sinker is nothing more than a lead weight used to lower your bait to the bottom. Depending on the type of structure you’re fishing, you’ll want to use one of these three variants: Egg sinker: A round-shaped sinker with a hole for the line in the middle.

What is an egg sinker?

Egg sinker: A round-shaped sinker with a hole for the line in the middle. The key advantage to using one is that a fish can take your bait and move off with it without feeling any resistance from the weight.

How to fish a sandy bottom?

If you’re fishing a sandy bottom, simply cast out, and let your rig hit the floor. Wait 10–15 seconds, then slowly reel in a couple of turns. To increase your chances of success, go for a spreader rig.

Why is bottom fishing addictive?

One of the things that makes bottom fishing so addictive is the fact that you can practice it in an endless number of ways. Depending on the water you’re fishing, and what you want to catch, you can choose from a number of fishing styles. You can use different bait and tackle, and play around with different presentations.

What are the essentials for a bottom fishing expedition?

No bottom fishing expedition would be possible without three essential items. These are the sinker, the hook, and the line. Combined with a few other optional items, they make up what’s called a rig. When a good fishing rig is coupled with quality bait, you get a combination no bottom fish can ignore.

Where do fish hide?

Fish tend to choose their hiding spots based on underwater structures and terrain. Any logs, rocks, any cluster of underwater vegetation, any weed beds or lily pads, any breaks in water bottom "continuity", any transition areas from muddy to sandy/rocky bottom etc. is a place where you’re likely to find some fish.

What baits attract fish?

Strong smelling baits (like cheese, blood, night crawlers, leeches, cutbaits etc.) can attract fish from afar, if they are placed in the right locations. Also, some lures (mostly soft plastic ones) have a built-in attractant that dissipates in the water during the retrieve, creating a "smell trace".

Why are fish lethargic?

The high pressure that comes after the cold fronts makes fish become lethargic, meaning they won’t move as far or as near the surface. Fish are less likely to come up and feed as frequently in high pressure as they would when the pressure is lower. Warm fronts also bring ideal fishing conditions.

Why is it good to fish before a cold front?

The weather ahead of cold fronts will lead to favorable fishing conditions due to lower pressure. Because fish are so good at sensing pressure changes, they will often increase their activity in the days before a cold front moves in, creating better conditions for fishing.

What are the best conditions for fishing?

Warm fronts also bring ideal fishing conditions. Lower pressure and weaker winds will attract fish closer to the surface and liven them up for swimming longer distances. Rain can affect how well the fish bite as well. Fishing during a light rain makes casting lines less noticeable.

Why do insects fly in the rain?

Insects are also more likely to be out flying near the surface of the water during or immediately after a light rain, which will bring fish closer to the surface and make them more susceptible to being caught. Rain can also cause more organic matter to run into bodies of water and lure fish to the surface to eat.

How does weather affect fishing?

They are extremely sensitive to passing fronts and pressure changes.

How to learn to bottom fish?

Learning How To Bottom Fish Takes Practice. If you want to succeed at bottom fishing, the number one thing you need isn’t equipment, but practice. Learning how to bottom fish and bring back the best catches takes years, but it’s possible if you put in the time.

How to stay in position on a trolling motor?

If you have a large thrust trolling motor, you should use a system to help you stay in position. When you use an electronic GPS system built into your motor, you can stay in the right location for longer. With the help of an electronic system, your motor is going to be triggered to go back where you intended to be.

How to get bait to move more naturally?

If you drop it to the bottom and then crank it just a few times , you’ll be able to get your bait to move more naturally. Whether you use live or cut bait, the movement should be pretty attractive to the fish. 2. Anchor with Your Trolling Motor.

How much load can a barrel swivel handle?

Make sure you top it all off with a smaller barrel swivel. You should use leader and filaments that can handle around 80 pounds of load. Add a dropper loop at the end of the swivel so that you can sink appropriately. Based on the kind of depth that you’re looking for, you can switch out your sinker.

How to increase bites?

If you want to increase your bites, consider a 50- to 80-pound braid. If you attach a three-way swivel, you’ll be able to get a lot of potential bites. Attached to your swivel, tie on a monofilament or a fluorocarbon lead that’s at least 50 feet long. Make sure you top it all off with a smaller barrel swivel.

How to get the most out of a bottom fishing rig?

1. Go With a Long Leader. When you’re looking to get the most out of your bottom fishing rig, you need to be prepared to use a long leader. The benefits of long leaders might seem obvious to some fishers, but it’s not until you get out there with a long braid that you can really tell what you could be getting.

What happens if you get down there and fish?

If you rush to get down there, you’re more likely to disturb the fish, disrupt the water, and make it harder.

What is the best way to catch walleye?

Walleye are nocturnal predators, so it’s best to use the special glow-in-the-dark night fishing tackle that you can get from the shop. Equip the night fishing silicone Shad and catch a few Walleye. Look for these fish in deep holes and nearby. Don’t forget that night fishing requires an Advanced License!

How to fish with more than one rod?

Use a Rod Stand to fish with more than one rod simultaneously. Using multiple rods at the same time allows you to explore the waterway much faster and catch way more fish!

What does the map on a tablet do?

The map on your Tablet will help you better navigate the waterway you are currently at. Also, after a successful catch you can pin the lucky spot using a Marker buoy, to know where to cast next time without hesitation.

What to do at Emerald Lake?

Head over there for a few days to explore this waterway’s marvelous possibilities. Catch some trophy Pike, conquer the ferocious Walleye at nighttime and explore the the lake’s aquatic splendour on a Kayak! But to do all of this, you’ll have to get an Advanced fishing License.

How to catch redear sunfish?

Different lures attract fish in different ways. Try using Crickets to catch a Redear Sunfish – it has a particular taste for insect baits. These fish go out to feed closer to shore, near the lily pads. You will need a Keepnet to keep your catch and sell it at the end of the day.

How to catch a sauger?

Use the narrow spoon and try catching a Sauger. These fish like to stay close to the edge of underwater holes and will eagerly bite lure on the fall or a Lift&Drop retrieve. This retrieve imitates behaviour of small fish that usually search for food close to the bottom and are an easy target for predators.

How to know if a fish is a good fishing spot?

Pay attention, and when you see fish jumping out of the water as they hunt, you’ll know that’s a great fishing spot. Another way of finding a good spot is to watch for bubbles and disturbances on the water surface coming from bottom-dwelling fish as they move around in the depth below.

How to set up a rod reel?

Setting up rod reel and line should be quite simple, just follow the guidelines as you would spinning and float rods strongest to weak (line weakest point) now bottom rods the simplest, pick a leader (weaker than line). Then it comes down to your sinkers, different rods have different weight listed just like a lure weight to spinning/casting rods. The difference between weights are for the type of water your fishing. Same thing for feeders, they also have a weight so your either putting a sinker or a feeder on the line (not both together). So far ingame not much choice so isnt to hard to work out, open feeder – calm water and closed feeder- stronger flowing water, again different sizes for different scenarios. And before i forget to mention leaders lengh is the distance between the sinker/feeder and the bait so a bottom fish would want a smaller leader so the bait stays low but make exeptions for bigger fish and faster flowing water. Finaly for the bottom rod, a bell (optional) self explanatory what its use its however 1 thing i have not worked out yet is if the extra sensative would suit a smaller fish since in terms less sensative irl would be better for big fish since the rod would be bending and shaking easy so wouldnt take much to ring a bell (dev should add more info imo) now for the feeder rod pritty much all has been explained other than the quiver tips (3 colour dots top left side of rod) are different sensitivities like a bell without the sound, different weits tips for different size of fish just keep your eye on the tip moving. As for your chum, as you may of already read in game where all still in the erly stages of whats what and which mix to use, but basically imagine the fish is your customer and they want you to make them a cocktail they like but you have to guestimate exactly what they like. Hope this helps explain in a basic form for you

Can you use a mega chubber with a feeder?

you can use the bigger rods like the megga chuber with a feeder although its listed as bottom rod you can still use a feeder on it there is a catfish chum so they are ok for that but mainly feeder rods are for your roach bream tench etc also probably can catch carp on the mega chubber with a feeder but not tried that so cannot verifiy

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Where to catch salmon?

Some fish, like salmon, are often found on or near the bottom, so the best way to catch them is to put your bait down there as well. This is called bottom fishing. Bottom fishing for salmon is particularly popular in rivers.

How to get a bite from a bait that is rigged above the bait?

If you rig your weight above your bait in strong current the bait will drift back the distance between the two. Once you have dropped your lure or bait, let the bait rest and float along until you get a bite.

What is bottom bouncing?

Bottom bouncing is the act of dragging your bait along the bottom of the waterway. Bucktail jigs, spinners and live bait are among some of the best bait for bottom fishing. The dragging motion causes the lure to bounce along, stirring up small clouds of sand or mud. After a few strikes with bottom bouncing, you can stop moving if in or …

What is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S.?

Know Your Fish. Largemouth Bass. The largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S. Learn more about how you can identify a largemouth bass, where to catch it and what bait and lures to use. Go To Fish Identifier.

Where to catch flathead catfish in North Carolina?

Catch Flathead Catfish at the Neherrin River in North Carolina. These Catfish are much larger than the typical ones, so be prepared for a reeling fight! Alternatively, you can catch any type of fish you want, hunt for unique or trophy fish, complete missions, compete in competitions or tournaments.

Where to level up fast in Fisherman’s Planet?

In summary, here is how to level up fast in Fisherman Fishing Planet. Catch Walleye in Emerald Lake, New York. Repeatedly grind for Catfish in Mudwater River, Missouri. This is a hotbed for Catfish and you will be able to quickly land them! Catch Flathead Catfish at the Neherrin River in North Carolina.

What is the best thing about fishing planet?

What is great about The Fisherman Fishing Planet is how generous the game is in giving players experience for each fish they catch. While completing missions is a good way to rack up XP and get some cash, those take far more time and effort than simply catching basic fish does.

How to catch walleye on Xbox One?

Be sure to set the time to the best for catching fish using the weather map by tapping square (X if you’re on Xbox One) and fast-forwarding. After that, use your new Spinning Rod and continuously fish for Walleye, a common species in this area.

Where to catch flathead in Fisherman’s Planet?

Catch Flathead at Neherrin River, North Carolina – The Fisherman Fishing Planet. In order to catch Flathead at Neherrin, you need to first get to level 10. This can easily be done by following the tutorial missions and catching a few extra fish along the way. Once you unlock level 10, you will have access to Neherrin, North Caro lina, …

What level is Emerald Lake?

Emerald Lake is available to players after level 5. In fact, you probably already have the location unlocked after completing some of the tutorials.

How far out can you cast a squid?

Cast out at around 55 to 60 ft and be patient. You may not have as many bites as you did in Mudwater, but the size of the fish you will land here is much bigger.

What fish bites when bottom fishing?

You just never know what will bite when you’re bottom fishing, and often the catch includes surprise species like this puffer fish.

How long does it take for croakers to bite?

If you spend 15 or 20 minutes in a spot and only get a bite or two, there probably just aren’t many fish there at the moment.

What does it mean to stick to a hotspot?

This means anchoring over the structure, or better yet, hovering over it with a “virtual anchoring” system that incorporates GPS.

How far to reel in a hotspot?

Then very slowly reel in four or five feet of line to creep the rig along the bottom. Pause for a moment or two, then reel some more line. Using this tactic you can cover more territory, and you’ll sometimes discover a hole, bar, or patch of bottom where the fish are concentrated that’s within casting distance.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Should bait be bigger than hook?

As a general rule of thumb, the bait you use shouldn’t be much bigger than the hook itself. Don’t spend too much time jigging the bait or otherwise adding action. Occasionally this helps but more often than not it does more harm than good to lift the bait off bottom for any amount of time.

Is virtual anchoring better than drifting?

If you’re fishing over a snaggy bottom, do everything you can to prevent the rig from dragging along. In this case anchoring may be better than drifting, and virtual anchoring is yet again a superior option (because you don’t swing back and forth on an anchor line).