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  • How to become a fishing guide in Florida?

  • All saltwater fishing guides in Florida must comply with USCG requirements. This means that you must have a Captain’s license – officially called Merchant Mariner Credential – for saltwater guiding. To find out how to get your USCG captain’s license, check out this article.

  • What do you need to be a hunting and fishing guide?

  • Hunting and fishing guides must have experience with the fish or game they hope to help others pursue. However, the amount of experience required varies on a number of factors. Essentially, it comes down to how much work experience your prospective employer or clients expect.

  • Is it hard work being a fishing guide?

  • Before you search for jobs as a professional guide, it’s important to note: Being a hunting or fishing guide is hard work. It isn’t a walk in the park that’ll put change in your pocket for waiting in a tree stand with a rifle or ripping up points with a crankbait all day. You’ll be working … hard.

  • Do you have to have a fishing license to go fishing?

  • If you’re going to be fishing from land or a bridge, all that you’re required to carry is a recreational fishing license suitable for either saltwater or freshwater (dependent on where you’re fishing). That said, any person who you take out for a fishing trip will also be required to purchase the same recreational fishing license.